WhatsApp Now Lets You Edit A Sent Message

WhatsApp continues to improve, and as you may be aware, the app recently released the much-anticipated emoji message replies feature. Developers are eager to move on to the next project. The next major upgrade to the popular messaging app appears to be one of the greatest ever, which is the ability to edit messages after being sent.

Only time will tell whether the option to edit messages will leave the beta stage and become available to the general public. It’s worth noting that the first indications of a WhatsApp edit feature appeared five years ago, only for the development team to abandon the idea a few days later. The messaging editing tool is undoubtedly being worked on again by WhatsApp developers, but whether it will make it to the live version of the app remains to be seen.

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Telegram, another messaging service, was the first to include this feature in its chats, ahead of WhatsApp. On the other hand, WhatsApp had been reluctant until now and has already stated that the ability to edit messages will be added in an upcoming update.

If a WhatsApp user sends a message that contains an error, they currently have only two choices for correcting it. They can send the right message and ask users to ignore the incorrect one, or they can erase the wrong message and send a new one. In any case, a new message must be sent.

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With the new edit feature, when a message is long pressed, it appears that the feature will be available as a dedicated button in the top bar, among choices to copy text and forward the message.

When any social site allows you to edit what you’ve sent/posted, one of the most common concerns is the lack of awareness. Will people be able to tell if a message has been altered and is not the same as the original? The answer appears to be a resounding ‘no’ in the case of WhatsApp. “There won’t be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages,” according to the WAbetaInfo report. “But since this feature is under development, their plans may change before the release,” implying that edited messages could appear identical to regular unedited messages.

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