Unlimited Career Opportunities as a Web Developer

Technology has played a major role in modern world, new ideas are being created everyday. These ideas have been a big success in our world as they tend to make our jobs easier and more flexible. When we look around us, we could see prove of the great things technology has made possible, for instance, we have over a billion website in the whole world and this websites have served most people either by generating more sales for them, or by getting them an extra income. These websites are all developed by experts know as a web developer.

So today we shall be looking at the area of web development. Ever wondered how these websites you visit daily are created? Stick around to the end and you would find out.


What Is Web Development?

Web development is simply the art of creating website which are deployed to the internet.

So that is a clear description of web development, now another question that might be clustering your mind is:


Web development, Web developer


Who Makes These Websites?

A Web Developer is in charge of creating responsive mobile friendly website. These developers spend months and sometimes years to gain experience in this field. We shall be going through different tools these developers make use of to create these websites we see on the internet.

An individual could gain experience or become a web developer through gaining a bachelor degree in computer science or attending a coding boot camp which could be quite expensive, but if you are looking for a cheaper way is to either check some coding videos on YouTube.

An interesting YouTube channel to learn coding is “Traversy Media” or “Edureka”.¬†Another platform which you could spend a little fee on to gain the necessary knowledge is “Udemy” or “Skillshare”.


3 Types Of Web Developers.

There are basically 3 types of web development experts, which includes:

A) A Frontend Web Developer.

B) A Backend Web Developer.

C) A Fullstack Web Developer


The Frontend Web Developer:

A frontend developer is in charge of creating the visual aspect of the websites, as well as the website’s interactivity, they set the websites structure through writing computer codes, these computer codes includes HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language), CSS ( Cascading Stylesheet), JS ( Javascript)


The Backend Web Developer:

The backend developer is in charge of implementing the websites functionalities, these functionalities ensure the site is complete and running smoothly. The backend web developer codes using PHP and MySQL, or in some case NodeJs, Express Js and MongoDB, another popular tool for backend web development is Python, Django and SQLite.


The Fullstack Web Developer:

A full stack website developer is a development expert, who is skillful in both frontend web development and backend web development, they could build a website which is highly functional and mobile friendly.


How Much Does A Web Developer Earn?

Web development, Web developer


A frontend developer earns an average of 78,000 USD in the United State annually, but here in Nigeria a frontend web developer could earn up to 2 million naira annually.

A backend website developer earns an average of 76,000 USD in the United States annually, and earn an average of 1.8 million a year in Nigeria ranging up to 2.4 million naira annually.

A full stack website developer earns an average of $120,000 annually in the United States, and earns an average of 4 million naira annually in Nigeria.

Well, now you know about website development, how much a web developer earns, the different platforms you could gain experience to become a web developer, and also the different types of web developers. But after gaining all these experience, how do you earn from it.


How To a Earn As A Website Developer?

1) Become A Freelancer:

You could work as a freelancer on specific online platforms as a website development expert. These areas include:

A) Fiverr.

B) Upwork.

C) Freelancer.

These online platforms helps connect millions of clients to skillful freelancers at affordable charges.

2) Become An Online Instructor:

Just as other developers who have earned a lot of money through online tutoring, a great platform you could start from is YouTube, then also try out applying as an online instructor at udemy or skill share.


3) Work In An I.T Company:

Getting a job could sometimes be challenging but with the necessary certificates and proven knowledge of web development, you can land yourself a job which offers a lucrative salary.


You may also add, in the comment section, some of the areas that a web development expert can work that has not been mentioned here.