The Working Principles and Uses of Beacons

Technology keeps evolving every single day, so you might or might not have heard about a super small device known as beacon, well whatever side you are on, it doesn’t matter, because we are going to be looking deep down into this beacon technology. We shall look into what beacon really is, how it has helped lot of people in their areas of business and it’s pros and cons.

So brace yourself till the end, it will be a nice experience.

What Is A Beacon ?.

A Beacon is a tiny Bluetooth device which are used to send signals to smartphones repeatedly. The signals which are sent from these beacons actually contain both numbers and letters. So if you are a smartphone user, then you are sure to get a beacon signal when visiting one of the close by shops in your area (if the shop has the beacon device).

To simplify what a beacon is think yourself to be a sailor, and probably you have heard of the lighthouse which transmits light signals to sailor, that is how the beacon transmits signals to smartphones.

The beacon is a very efficient tool in areas of business. The beacon helps you collect informative data about your customer, you could say the beacon creates a bond between you and your customer.

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Uses Of A Beacon.


1) Engagement.

If you have ever experienced a beacon sending you some information maybe when you enter a restaurant and you get this information about the restaurant’s menu and the prices of their food. Beacon makes it easier for a customer to place an order without getting up from your seat. Another good example is when you visit a store, a beacon is able to send you coupon codes, show you different varieties of a product and so much more. Beacon also rewards customers after every purchase they make. So now you get the reason why they have great bonds with your customers.

2) Location.

Are you in an isolated area and definitely clueless about where you are?. Then you need a beacon, as it is a great tool when it comes to locating where you are.

3) Navigation.

Unlike the geofence technology, the beacons helps you to locate people who are indoor. So just like google map helps you locate people outdoor, beacons helps to locate people indoor.

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4) Asset & People Tracking.

The beacon is also a useful tools most manufacturers use to get useful information about their product or goods location. So if you are sending any goods to any of your clients, do ensure to attach a beacon to it.

5) Interaction.

Beacon is also a great way to ensure that you are in a safe direction, example when taking a wrong turn or going through a dangerous zone, the beacon device will send you a notification, which warns you about danger which might lie ahead.

So you have read about some great uses of a beacon, now let’s dive into what we can really track with the help of a beacon. Below are examples of what you can easily track using a beacon.

* You can track the numbers of visitor coming into your shop.

* You can track rate of new visitors in your shop.

* You can get access to visitor’s informations, such as their age, gender, location, an so on.

* You can track how many visitors revisited your shop.

* You can track the views of your shop products.

and so much more…

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Pros and Cons Of A Beacon.


Just as every device has it’s pros and cons so does a beacon too. Below are the pros and cons of a beacon device:


The beacons is a must get for every business as it comes with and excellent price and it is way better compared to other devices, they also have different applications for example, there is an application for engagement, there is also one for navigation, and one for analysis and so on. They are not complex to implement or use. They help you retarder your customers and also help you to understand your customers demands, e.t.c.


In order for a customer to get the best experiences of the beacon device, the business owner must ensure proper installation and the customers need to install an app, so to prevent getting too much annoying pop ups in one’s notification section, which will lead to them uninstalling the app.

So now you have gotten a detail information about the beacon device. Share with us your experience in the comment section.