The Unchallenged Hegemony of Google as a Tech Brand

Google has over 150 services it offers to millions of customers across the world. This fact may probably be oblivious to lots of people across the world who use one google service or the other. Some of these services include the popular email service, Gmail, YouTube, Google drive, Google publisher tool bar, Google hangouts, Google adwords, Blogger, Adsense, Google glass, Google grants, Google consumer survey service, Android app, Google plus, Google search, Google business, Google sites, Google chrome, Google Screenwise panel app, Google earth and even the new project soli. These Google services are exceptional in nature and many other rival tech companies have tried almost effortlessly to emulate these feat achieved by Google.

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This piece is not aimed at deliberately promoting Google services, but it is aimed at bringing to bear the kind of tenacity and ingenuity that can arise when man combines his technological acumen with a sound business skill. This is exactly what Google incorporated has done over the years and is still doing with its growing array of services. The brand called Google has established itself in the internet world and in tech products and services as a formidable companion that drives businesses, applications, internet search queries, website building blocks and scripts, computer technology, email services, adverting platform for companies and also an earning platform for publishers. These services have come to be appreciated by numerous internet users across the world and this excitement has spurred even more innovations by other tech savvy individuals and companies that have continues to churn our hi-tech products and services from apps and widgets to plugins and software scripts for website design and search engine optimization.

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We must not fail to mention a very popular service that has made Google a global brand. This service is the Google search engine, a search engine that is searched and used by over 300million visitors each passing day across the world. This super intelligent search engine, which is powered by hi-tech algorithm has made search on the internet awe to many. The ability of this Brand giant called Google to maximize its search visitors and harness them into a multi-billion dollar business reaching every corner of the world is a great example of how man can revolutionize science and develop it into innovative products and services for the benefit of humankind and the preservation of both life and nature.


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