The Top 10 Effects Of Not Sleeping Enough.

Have you ever been position whereby you are way too busy and hardly get enough sleep? Do you know that lack of sleep is bad for your health as it increases the chances of been infected cancer and diabetes. Today we will be discussing about what happens when your body lacks enough sleep.

1) It increases your chances of getting sick.

Lack of adequate sleep can affect your bodies abilities to fight against sickness, which makes it easy for human to get ill.

According to report, researchers has discovered that there is a relationship between the human immune system and sleep. This relationship is set to be reciprocal. If you get sick then your body might lose extra sleep, because it is trying to fight against that illness.

2) Lack of sleep affects the heart


Do you know that sleeping for less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours per night has a negative effect on your heart?

Based on the European Heart Journal (EHJ) analysis, the chances of an individual being infected with a coronary heart disease or perhaps a stroke is very high when the individual fails to get adequate sleep.

3) It increases the chances of being infected by cancer

Lack of adequate sleep increases the rate of being infected with prostate cancer or colorectal cancer.

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Individuals who work over – night shifts are mostly affected by this, because they spend their night working instead of sleeping.

4) It makes thinking very difficult.


Do you know that not sleeping for a night could cause one to suffer from some major thinking issues?

According to a particular study, which was published by Experimental Brain Research (EBR), Some group of men were given a job to complete. Their first task was completed after they had enough sleep, while their second task was completed after skipping a night sleep.

Based on the result of the second task experiment, it was discovered that those men brain functions worsened in terms of decision making as well as their reasoning due to lack of one night sleep.

5) It makes you forget stuff easily

Lack of sleep not only makes you forgetful, but also has a negative impact on one’s memory and learning ability.

According to researchers, sleep is very important because it helps the brain take in new information as well as committing those information to memory.

6) It reduces the sex drive

Those who sleep for 5 or less hours decrease their sex hormone levels down to about 15 percent.

According to a study, some group of young men, who slept for less than 5 hours for a week result shows that their testosterone levels reduced by 10 percent and some men’s testosterone reduced more than 10 percent.

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7) Weight gain


When an individual fails to sleep for at least 8 hours, such individual is more likely to gain weight, and if such individual continues in such habits, he or she will likely become obese.

According to reports, individuals who over the age of 20 and sleeps for 5 hours every night for a period of 3 years will mostly likely gain extra weight.

8) High risk of diabetes

Individuals who don’t get adequate sleep or who over – sleeps (sleeps too much) boosts their chances of suffering from adult – onset diabetes.

According to several discoveries, sleeping for 7 or 8 hours helps avoid insulin issues which could make an individual suffer from diabetes.

9) Chances of car accident is high

An individual is five times more likely to have a car accident, if he or she fails to get 7 or 8 hours sleep every night as stated by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). which leaves night shift workers as well as those who are involved in working late odd hours, so you better think twice before driving yourself home especially if you haven’t had enough sleep.

10) It affect’s an individual’s skin

if for some unknown reasons, what we have listed above still doesn’t convince you to start getting enough sleep, then atleast do it to keep those good looks.

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Based on studies being carried out, some group of people around the age of 35 were tested based on their sleeping habits and how it affects their skin. The result of this experiment indicated that those who slept for a few hours not more than 5 hours suffered from wrinkles and even some changes in their skin color.

Getting enough sleep wouldn’t kill you, rather it can save your life, so before watching that late night TV show, or playing video games late at night, cut yourself some slacks and think about your health. turn off your bedroom lights and enjoy your 7 or maybe 8 hours of beautiful and healthy sleep.

Finding it hard to sleep?


are you finding it difficult to sleep?, it is more likely cold feet are the reason for your sleepless nights. when the human’s feet is cold. it makes it very hard for blood to circulate.

What are the best and easiest way to warn your feet?

wearing socks to bed is by far the best method to get your feet warm.

What are the other reasons, which proves why sleep is very important?, let us know in the comment section.