Data storage

The Evolving Trends and Importance of Data Storage

Data storage is currently one of the most underestimated areas of computer science. It drives everything in computing. Everything. If you don’t have the space, you can’t make the website, design the page, run the ad, build the online business – any of it. We think it is high time businesses took more of a forward thinking focus on their data storage solutions… before their businesses start to out-grow their current limitations.

Data Storage is a Sign of Progress

No matter which way you look at it, the evolution of how we store information is a clear sign of the progress we have made in the digital world. We have come a long, long way since the floppy disk. Imagine we hadn’t made those evolution? Imagine trying to store your entire business on 1.8 MB floppy disk… How many of them would it take?

Therein lies the reason we need to think more about information storage. Data science is constantly on the lookout for ways to make storage smaller, more compact, and more versatile. If those computer analysts weren’t examining new storage solutions all the time we wouldn’t even be able to store images on our phones right now.

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Is it technology and our ever growing demand for new software that is driving changes in data storage? Or is it new information storage methods that are driving the change in technology? Either way; the history of information storage is a clear sign of technological progress in the digital world.

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What came First: The Storage or the Software?

So what did come first? The information storage demand or the new technology? As with all things in the technical world it has been demand that has driven the growth. This sentiment is echoed by Forbes, who argues that bandwidth and the need for it go hand in hand with the growth of data storage.

Forbes also predicts that the need for bandwidth driven information storage solutions is going to increase by more than 8,200 Terabits by 2021. When you consider how much memory it takes just to record a video you start to appreciate that a gigabyte is not very much data at all. The growth of video apps like TikTok are driving an overwhelming need for more available data in the digital world.

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On the other hand, there are opinions to the contrary. Some believe that We thing it may be a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg question. Without data storage evolution companies would not be able to develop half of the software we use every day. Without demand, the data storage capabilities would never have been designed.

Final Thoughts on Data Storage

Information Storage is constantly evolving, so as well as following the key rules you also need to be willing to embrace new technology as it emerges. Please visit our website here, for more information – or to browse some reliable data storage solutions for your business.