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The Delicacy of Mushrooms and the Fatality of Consuming Amanita Phaloides

Amanita Phaloides is known as the death cap mushroom and is usually found in the wild and closely resembles other edible varieties. This then follows that you should never consume any mushroom from the wild unless it has been certified by an expert as safe. These deadly varieties of mushroom can cause asphyxiation in humans and lead to nervous breakdown coupled with vomiting, stomach ache and hemorrhage. There are reports that have it that a whole linage of family members have been wiped out after consuming these poisonous variety of mushroom during their dinner meal.

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However, there are delicious and nutritious varieties of mushrooms that grow in the dark forests and in thick vegetation where they grow by saprophytism converting organic materials into organic compounds and nutrients which they feed on. They have over the years formed part of the delicacy of most homes across the world and are increasingly becoming a popular food even among people who know very little about it.

The medicinal value of mushroom is also a key factor in its popularity because extracts from mushroom have been used in medicinal treatments where over 2000 varieties of edible mushroom extracts have been deployed in pharmaceutical preparations in combating hepatitis, Alzheimer’s disease and in reducing high cholesterol and in boosting

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Some Very Important Mushroom Tips

Mushrooms must be stored in a paper bag or a cloth material and refrigerated. Since they can absorb odor easily, refrain from placing them near materials with a strong or pungent smell.

Use a soft brush to gently remove any surface dirt in Mushrooms and avoid peeling the skin which is also nutritious and tasty!

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If you choose to eat mushroom raw which is not advisable, make sure you wipe it clean with a damp cloth or you can rinse it quickly in warm water and pat them dry. Do not soak mushrooms in water.

Above all, seek expert advice on the variety of a mushroom you come in contact with if you are in doubt if it is edible or not. Never consume the deadly Amanita phaloides.