TechPrep : Another Free Facebook Site for Programmers

Very few people out of the over 1.59billion Facebook users know that this blue-chip company has another site known as Techprep where you learn how to code, develop or write a computer program free of cost. It is one of the innovations of the founder; Mark Zuckerberg to bring technology closer to everyone across all geographical frontiers irrespective of political cultural, religious or social leanings.

TechPrep offers every interested person the ability to take courses on how to write website scripts, codes and algorithms for programs and applications all for free. This initiative by Facebook is borne out of the desire to bring opportunities for people to earn a living through designing websites and developing applications for individuals, companies and brands that need such services. In this way, the programmer or web developer can earn a decent living and escape from poverty especially those living in developing countries or economically challenged territories.

TechPrep is designed in such a way that all individuals can key into the platform quit easily. There are provisions for learners and established programmers depending on their area and level of expertise. Kids also have a chance to learn programming even at a very young age and according to Mark Zuckerberg, ‘this is essentially why TechPrep was born’.

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Mark Zuckerberg, on his Facebook page on 30th January, 2016 said, ‘The White House just announced its plan to give more students the opportunity to learn to code in schools. This is an effort I really believe in’.

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He went further to say, ‘I started coding when I was 10. My dad let me play with the computer in his dental office and that’s how I first got interested in technology. I wanted to understand how it worked so I started programming it to make simple games and communication tools. It had a pretty big impact on my life!’

It is very clear therefore that the utmost desire of Facebook founder is to bring technology to the doorsteps of everyone…technology that comes with opportunities that lifts people out of economic stagnation irrespective of where they come from. Mark Zuckerberg went further to conclude in the post that, ‘When people learn to code, they get the opportunity to build the products of the future and move our society forward. At Facebook, we created TechPrep to help more people from underrepresented backgrounds learn how to code. Priscilla and I are also supporting organizations like foun through our education foundation and plan to explore more opportunities through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Computer science in school creates opportunities for everyone’.

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Must Read: [insert page=’how-to-improve-your-computer-internet-connection-speed’ display=’link’] is a major partner that drives TechPrep and as Zuckerberg mentioned, this organization would be working closely with both TechPrep and Chan Zuckerberg foundation to ensure that programming technology becomes universally accessible over the internet.

You get started now and become a certified coder or programmer by signing up on TechPrep