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Where can I submit my guest post? Gulpmatrix is a blog in the science and technology niche that dedicates it’s content to science and tech related insights, news, trends, inventions, tech gadgets, tech innovations, computer technology, medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, environment, internet, Space technology, agriculture, biotechnology, microbiology and SEO. Guest posts and sponsored posts have also become veritable way by which bloggers seek to rank highly on search engine algorithm across all content niches on the internet. Webmasters and bloggers continues to ransack the internet in search of answers to the question ” Where can I submit my guest posts or promote my sponsored content?”.

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As the world gravitates towards more complex procedures in product and service delivery across all strata of human endeavor including medicine security and defence, it is imperative that we dedicate ample time to these science and technology trends such that the internet audience can have a full grasp of the evolution of the world around them.

Gulpmatrix is specifically dedicated to be used by students, teachers, researchers and tech enthusiasts as a quick reference online journal where they can browse through and get reliable information on any science or technology subject bugging their minds.

Many web administrators and bloggers have often been faced with the challenge of promoting their content and ranking high in the search engine algorithm. They often want to get link juice from dofollow back links from ranking websites as part if their SEO strategy. This has always led the the pertinent question, “where can I submit my guest posts?” or ” which website or platform can I submit my sponsored posts?”

It is on this premise that the editors of Gulpmatrix decided to welcome other writers in the science and technology niche to contribute quality content that would enrich the internet space and create a wider latitude for the internet audience looking to solve problems related to academics or personal intellectual development.

The contribution of writers to the contents of Gulpmatrix by way of guest posts or sponsored posts must follow strict guidelines related to good  SEO practices. To this end, any guest post or sponsored content must remain in the line of strictly tech or science related including fintech. However, contents such as hard drugs, firearms, casino, gambling and pornography related are not accepted and are strictly forbidden.

The editors of Gulpmatrix believe that every content that is published on the site must render value and must not contravene Google and other search engine rules regarding SEO, content indexing and ranking. Syndicated content on the site must have the appropriate rel canonical pointing to the original content to avoid copyright infringement and Google duplicate content penalty.

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