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Running Out Of Storage Space? Here Are Tips To Free Up Space On Your PC

We are in a time, when 100TB is enough when it comes to your laptop storage space, this is because lot of software applications now come with enormous file sizes. Within atleast 2 – 3 months your laptop may run out of storage space, and you will be left with no option other than deleting some of your files, which you might not want to delete, so before you think about deleting anything, stick to the end as we will show you the perfect way to clear up space on your PC.

1 ) Uninstalling Applications You Hardly Use.

Well, it’s very common to see people who install different software applications which perform similar task, what do i mean by this?, It’s simple, people enjoy downloading stuffs and in some scenario, they download an application which does the exact same thing which one of their previous installed application do. Imagine someone who already has OneNote application installed, still going ahead to install EverNote, the two application literally has similar features, so why keep both???. You would have to uninstall one and make use of the application you feel more comfortable with.

Here are following steps to take, when uninstalling software applications:

  • Click on START, then navigate to Apps and Features.
  • Look for unnecessary apps.
  • Click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the app.
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Another common issue which people usually face is the inability to delete watched movies, you need to understand these videos are taking alot of storage space, so whenever you are done watching a movie, simply delete it, in that way you are creating more storage space for yourself.

2 ) Delete Unnecessary Files From Your Download Folder.

The PC downloads folder is simply a folder where all your downloaded files are being stored, lot of people fail to take out unnecessary files (pdf, videos, images, games file, music, e.t.c) and this is why their storage space is almost filled up. So simply visit the downloads folder and then delete those unnecessary files.

Here is how to get to the download folder:

  • Click on your PC file manager.
  • Select the Downloads folder.
  • Delete unnecessary files.

3 ) Transferring Your Files To The Cloud.

We have lot of cloud storage services provider in our world today, we have Google Drive, we have the Microsoft OneDrive and we also have Dropbox, each of these cloud storage provider comes with it’s own storage capacity. Google Drive is the best pick though, and you are about to find out why.

here are the storage capacity of these 3 cloud storage services provider:

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Google Drive : Storage Space Of 15GB.

Microsoft OneDrive : Storage Space Of 5GB.

Dropbox : Storage Space Of 2GB.

So now you understand why Google Drive was our best pick.

cloud storage service providers

4 ) Delete Temporary Files.

A Temporary file also known as a foo file is used to store information during the modification or creation of a file. they also help in retrieving lost data, you might have come across it before, as it is usually stored on your Microsoft window with the ‘.tmp’ extension. One can also think of temporary files or temp files ( short form) as the web browser cookies, which store data (such as web address and images) and then later cache those data. in order to improve the user experience.

Now too much of temp files could end up taking up lot of spaces on your PC, and in order to clear those data and free up space on your PC, you need to do the following:

  • Click on START, then type in ‘%temp%’.
  • click Enter or Double Click on the Temp folder to open the Temp folder.
  • Trash out all the files in the Temp folder.

Would Deleting The Temp Folder Files Affect Any Of My Installed Apps ?.

No, it will not affect any of your previously installed software applications, neither does it cause harm to any of your system files nor folders. But take note, that some of this Temp files would not be able to delete, this is as a result of your PC constantly making use of those files.

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5 ) Use A Disk CleanUp Software.

If your PC makes use of a Windows 10 Operating system, then it means you automatically have the Disk CleanUp software application installed, for those using lesser operating system(windows 7, 8, e.t.c) you will need to install the software. This software will enable you clear up unwanted files quickly and save more space on your PC storage.

Here is how you navigate to the Disk CleanUp Software:

  • Navigate to START and type in Disk Cleanup.
  • When you launch the app, you will be asked to select the drive that you want to get wiped out.
  • Select OK to clean the drive you selected. The clean up process duration depends on how large the drive you want to wipe out is, so if it is very large the time for clean up process will take alot of time compared to small drive clean ups.

disk clean up

So there you have it, feel free to drop other suggestions in the comment sections.