Purifying the demon: does quantum erasure cost more than you remember?

Available to watch now, a Quantum Week webinar exploring a new approach to erasing quantum information and the growing field of “quantum thermodynamics

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We erase information every day: rubbing out a pencil scribble, deleting a paragraph from a word processor, or wiping a whiteboard clean. Erasing information has an inescapable work cost – a discovery that proved crucial to save the revered second law of thermodynamics from being violated by the “Maxwell’s Demon” thought experiment.

A hypothetical demon, using a “quantum Szilard engine”, can erase quantum information. Maria Violaris will introduce a surprising potential link between quantum erasure and a novel reformulation of irreversibility, providing a new angle on the growing field of quantum thermodynamics.

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Maria Violaris is a quantum information PhD student working with Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral at the University of Oxford, UK. Her research links fundamental questions, such as whether there is an exact arrow of time, with understanding the limits of future quantum technologies. She is a PhD student contributor to Physics World, initiated the Quantum on the Clock schools video competition with the IOP Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control Group, and creates videos about coding quantum paradoxes with the IBM Quantum Qiskit video team. She founded Oxford University Quantum Information Society and has also interned at quantum software company Riverlane, where she built a Raspberry Pi quantum computing lab.

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Speaker relationship with IOP Publishing
Maria is a student contributor to Physics World.

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