Project Soli: An Amazing Technology Google Radar Technology

Google launched a new tech project in May, 2015 known as Project soli. This new technology is a radar system that can be used in the design of various tech devices such as smart watches, television, Smartphones and any other electronic device that uses radar technology. Basically, Project soli was developed based on a system that uses human body or finger effects to control electronic devices even from a distance. What this means is that you can scrub your fingers together or tilt them to a side and this movements would be detected and interpreted by your device running on this new Google radar technology.

The uniqueness of Google radar technology, otherwise known as project soli, is that it differs from the already known remote control technology that uses electrons and laser beams to control devices. In this new technology, the human body and its actions are used instead making electronic devices and machines running on Google radar technology adaptable to human expressions and physical movements. A device such as a Smartwatch, cell phone, Smart television sets and music systems in homes and offices can all be controlled by either snapping the fingers, scrubbing them together or any other kind of body movement that would control functions on these devices such as volume, brightness, settings and other configurations as may be initiated by the users.

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Project Soli, which has already been registered under the domain name,, is a novel technology that has taken Google to the tops an innovator in tech products far ahead of its competitors and rivals. Google radar technology can also be used in the development of military hardware and hi-tech ammunitions that are precision guided. It can also be deployed in weather forecasting, flight control and in space technology development. Project soli as is called by Google is a developing technology and there is the strong belief among tech experts that this exquisite innovation would sooner than later be a major revolution in electronics and engineering.


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