How to Profitably Invest in Technology Stocks

Technology stocks

      Investments in Stocks On Etoro

The technology sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today and many blue chip companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple have stocks that can be traded even with as little as $10. For me, I prefer Twitter and Facebook stocks and the only platform that can guarantee you to be a part owner of these companies is Etoro, These technology stocks have in the past few years proven to be a very reliable investment portfolio for everyone. Etoro is a stock trading site that has over 200 companies listed on its trading platform where investors can directly invest in and see their investments yield positive fruits.

I am sure you may be wondering how you can invest in a company such as Google whose shares is well above $1000 per share! Well, this strategy is quite simple. Etoro uses a leverage system where all the stocks bought or sold by clients are executed collectively in batches in such a way with as little as $10 you can be a part of any of these companies and earn passive income that can offset some of your bills both in the short and long run.

The last world cup held in Brazil gave the social media a real boost as billions of tweets and Facebook comments were made during the fiesta across the globe by millions of these social media users. This skyrocketed the shares of these companies especially that of twitter which gained over 19% within the last 3weeks. 
So if you are a prospective investor and would want to take advantage of the Etoro platform to earn some money for yourself then twitter shares would be a sure starting point from my experience on short term stock trading. Just sign up Here and start earning.

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           Procedures for Investing In Stocks On Etoro

  1. To invest in technology stocks or on any other  stock on etoro, all you need is to sign up an account with your email address and link your Facebook account to it.
  1. You will get a $50 welcome bonus immediately which you can use for trading or to copy other traders.
  1. Deposit a minimum of $100 and get an additional $50 making it a total of $150 in your trading account which can be used to buy stocks of any company of your choice.
  1. As a general forex rule, you buy a stock when it is in the reds(bearish) and wait for it to become bullish(i.e. when it turns green), then you can sell it and see your profits soar within a few days.
  1. You can deposit via credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or for Nigerians, you can use deposit using this Payment Processor. Withdrawals are also processed within 6hours via the method you used in depositing.
  1. Invite your friends, they make a $100 deposit and you get a $100 bonus instantly in your trading account.
  1. You can just sign up Here on etoro and become a part owner of Twitter, Facebook or Google instantly.


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Thousands of clients are already signed up on the etoro platform and an Openbook page and live feeds gives you insights into trading strategies and the type of stock to buy that would be most profitable. You can also copy traders and earn from their expertise which gives you an additional leverage of diversification as an investor.

In the second week of September 2014, Alibaba, China’s largest online retail company would be listed on New York stock exchange to raise a whopping $20billion and etoro clients are surely going to take advantage of the surge in stock profit from Alibaba just as twitter stocks grew by more than 40% in the first few weeks it listed its IPO on major stock exchanges in the US.

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How to Profitably Invest in Technology Stocks

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