Operational Instructions of Huawei E156G HSDPA USB Stick


The E156G USB stick commonly known as E156G Huawei Modem is used to access the internet through wireless network a very high speed. This E156G has several parts which include the USB interface, the SIM/USIM card slot, the external antenna jack, the strap hole, the status indicators and the MicroSD card slot.


The USB interface connects the E156G to the computer, the SIM card slot is where you insert the SIM card(subscriber identity module). The external antenna jack connects the E156G to an external antenna while the MicroSD card slot is where you insert the Micro Secure Digital Memory (SD) card. The strap hole enables you to attach a strap to the E156G to ease portability.


                              E156G indicators

The indicator shows the status of the E156G by the various colors displayed while it is been used. Below is a description of the various color displayed, the status of the E156G and the meaning.



Color                                     Status                                                 Meaning


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Green                   Blinking(ON for 100millisecond           The E156G is powered ON

                             and OFF for100millisecods, then

                             On for 100millisecods and off for




Green             Blinking(On for 100milliseconds      The E156G is registered to     

                        and OFF for 2900milliseconds)        a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network




Blue             Blinking( ON for 100milliseconds      The E156G is registered on a

                    and OFF for 2900milliseconds)             UMTS network



Green                              ON                           The E156G is connected to a

                                                                          GPRS/EDGE network


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Blue                               ON                       The E156G is connected to a

                                                                     WCDMA network



Cyan                              ON                        The E156G is connected to a

                                                                      HSDPA network


                                       OFF                    The E156G is removed    



The computer to be used with the E156G must meet the following requirements:-


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—- It must have a USB Type A receptacle that is compatible with USB 2.0 High speed


—– It must have a Windows Operating system of 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista. It is also compatible with new versions of Windows OS.


—– Resolution for the display should be 800X600 or above.

The E156G can be pre-configured to any network with its default settings. 


You can modify the Authentication Information by following the following steps:


—- Choose Tools>Options>Profile Management


—- Select a profile from the Profile Menu drop-down list


—- Click Modify or New. Configure the username, password, APN and so on.


—- Click Advanced to select the authentication protocol


—- Select CHAP and then click OK to complete


—- Click Save



  Choosing and Registering on a GSM Network while Roaming

—- Choose Tools>Options>Network>Registration Mode


—- Select Manual search, register, and then click Refresh


—- Choose the network in the operator list, and then click Register.




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Operational Instructions of Huawei E156G HSDPA USB Stick

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