Mxtoolbox – How to Check the DNS Records of Domains

Mxtoolbox is a third party tool that enables you to check the DNS records of your domain. This tool is very handy as a webmaster if you wish to establish or look up DNS records and other such domain health analysis report. Below are some of the tools you can use in Mxtoolbox.

Mx records

DNS servers


IP blacklist check

Domains key identified mail(dkim)

Sender policy framework

Dmarc check

ICMP echo request(ping)

DNS start of authority(soa)

ICMP trace route

Subnet calculator

Header analyzer

Brand reputation check

DNS propagation check

Email user list check

Email deliverability check

DNS lookup text record(txt)

DNS lookup canonical(cname)

DNS lookup for location(loc)

Open ports scan

Email server test

ASN lookup

Domain health report

Port status check

DNS reverse lookup.

Mxtoolbox DNA checker tool

You can get the tool by navigating to and begin to check the DNS records of your site and any other parameter you may wish to establish by clicking on any of the tools in the homepage menu or clicking on ‘more’ to explore more toolbox options, type in your domain name and click on the arrow to begin a check of the selected parameter you desire. it is highly recommended that you use a good host for your domain such as Godaddy. There are very clear explanations on how to navigate through the site and set up your DNS and other settings quite easily.

There are quite a number of Domain Health monitoring features on Mxtoolbox that you can use to ascertain the health of your domain. these features include blacklist check, web server monitoring checks, mail server monitoring checks and over 15 tests run against your DNS servers and their settings and configurations.

MxToolbox offers a variety of domain health monitoring tools. These include DNS lookups, blacklist checks, and more.

The free NSLOOKUP tool is a great way to test DNS records for propagation. However, it doesn’t show all records and only those cached locally on the computer making the query.

The mxtoolbox SuperTool provides a more comprehensive set of diagnostics. You can even use it to create automated workflows.

Importance of DNS Records

DNS records contain information about a domain, and are stored in zone files. The domain name system uses these records to determine which server is responsible for the domain’s zones and where to send requests that it receives. These records are grouped into several different categories, each with its own set of attributes and functionality. For example, an MX record stores the host or mail server that handles email for a given domain. This information is essential for ensuring that emails are delivered to the intended recipients and are not diverted to spam folders or lost due to faulty network configuration.

The NS (name server) record contains the authoritative name servers for a domain and is required in every zone file. This information is used by DNS clients to determine which server should handle a request for that zone. This allows for delegation of a domain and allows for scalable systems where each server can serve up one or more copies of a zone.

The TXT (text) record allows for the storage of unstructured text, which can either be human-readable or used to provide additional information for machines. This type of data can be useful in helping to identify the company behind a website, or to track traffic to a particular page.

In addition to offering free lookup tools, MxToolbox also offers a number of paid monitoring solutions. These can be very beneficial for anyone who manages web/domain networks, as they provide an opportunity to quickly detect and resolve problems. It is important to note that changes made to DNS records can take some time to propagate, so it is a good idea to use the MXLookup tool prior to making any major changes to your DNS records in order to check that they have taken effect.

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The MXToolbox platform also provides users with a number of additional capabilities, including blacklist monitoring and SMTP scanning. These can be very valuable for individuals and companies that want to avoid being placed on blacklists or having their emails sent to spam folders. In addition, the platform also allows users to monitor a variety of other factors that influence their email deliverability, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Advantages of MxToolbox DNS Checker Tool

MxToolbox provides a variety of tools for checking DNS records. It also offers a couple of paid monitoring services for businesses. This website is a powerful tool for IT professionals and is a top 10 ranking web service for DNS and mail server analysis. It helps IT professionals troubleshoot issues with their email infrastructure and improve overall service delivery.

MXToolbox is free to use and can be accessed by entering a domain name in the search box of the MxToolbox homepage. The website contains various tools for checking DNS records, including MX lookups and SMTP servers. In addition, it offers a few paid monitoring services for more detailed information. These paid plans include a basic plan for monitoring ten items, plus a few other options that can be added at an additional cost.

Another advantage of MxToolbox is that it allows you to query the DNS record directly against authoritative servers. This will give you more accurate results than the nslookup command, which only queries cached data. It can be difficult to get accurate results from nslookup, especially if the record is new and has not yet propagated to all authoritative servers.

You can also try the MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect service, which is a premium option that monitors your domain for DNS changes. It will notify you of any changes to your DNS record and can help you prevent unwanted attacks on your site.

If you want to use the MxToolbox mxlookup service, simply enter the hostname or IP address of the domain into the search field. Then click “Check.” This will check the MX record of the domain and determine whether it is working properly. The results will show the server that is responsible for sending emails to that domain.

You can use mxtoolbox to find out if a particular mail server is listed on any blacklists. It will check the mail server’s IP address against several popular blacklists and display the results to you. This will save you time and effort because you won’t have to manually check the blacklists yourself.

Other DNS Record Checker Tools

DNS is a key component of the internet. It’s how computers connect to websites and email servers, converting the domain names into IP addresses. If there are any issues with the DNS, it can have a negative impact on your website and email performance. Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you troubleshoot these problems and get them resolved.

DNS Check is one of the best tools for monitoring DNS records. This tool will automatically scan and monitor all your DNS records and alert you when they change or fail to update. It also has a number of other useful tools, including the ability to track changes in your name servers, detect duplicate DNS records, identify removed IP addresses and more.

Another useful tool is Complete DNS, which has one of the largest DNS record history databases and has detected more than 2.2 billion nameserver changes. This tool allows you to search multiple domains at once and provides detailed reports about each one.

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Unlike mxtoolbox, which is optimized for checking MX records, intoDNS takes the results of multiple DNS query tools and simplifies them into a checklist of things that might be wrong with your domain’s configuration. The result is a report that you can use to fix DNS settings for your website, email or other services.

In addition to DNS lookup, this tool can also perform ping, arp and whois queries on your domains. This can be helpful when you need to find out information about a domain or its owner. Moreover, it can also give you an idea about the performance of your network or server.

This free tool allows you to check the propagation of your DNS records across the globe. It can also display all DNS records of a domain, such as A, AAAA, CNAME, MX and TXT records. It can even show you the location of the website’s servers in different countries.

It is important to check your DNS records periodically to ensure that they are correct. You can use various tools to do this, including mxtoolbox and dnschecker. However, mxtoolbox is the most convenient option, as it offers a range of features that other tools don’t have. Moreover, it is easy to use and offers a variety of benefits for system administrators.

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, MxToolbox provides you with the tools to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients without ending up in spam folders. This all-in-one tool monitors server systems, checks MX records, and helps increase the effectiveness of your email system. While it’s a useful tool for any organization, it is particularly beneficial for companies that use third-party mail servers to send their newsletters and sales emails.

It’s easy to navigate and offers numerous features that can help with any domain or DNS issues. Some of the most useful features are the blacklist monitoring, SMTP diagnostics, and DNS health checks. It also includes a tool to test email deliverability, which can help you identify email delivery problems such as SPF or DKIM failures, or suspicious activities.

The MxToolbox platform also allows you to monitor the reputations of your IP addresses in real time, which can be very helpful for network administrators. This way, you can quickly respond to issues that may damage the reputation of your own organization or cause emails not to be delivered. MxToolbox also provides an API to tie these monitoring services into your own systems.

MxToolbox dns checker tool offers a number of free lookup tools, along with a couple paid monitoring solutions. One of these is the SuperTool, which is a comprehensive set of tools that can provide detailed information on many aspects of your domain’s infrastructure. Another is the MxToolbox Delivery Center, which offers more advanced monitoring options and alerts.

This version of MxToolbox dns checker tool can be purchased for $399 per month, which is an excellent price compared to similar solutions in the market. Using it, you can monitor 256 public and private blacklists in real-time and get alerted when your MX records change. It also includes a service called DNS Zone Protect, which automatically detects changes in your DNS zone and alerts you to them.

Besides these free services, MxToolbox dns checker tool offers a variety of additional tools that can help you improve your email deliverability. These include email header analysis, a tool to simulate email delivery, and a list of recommended best practices that you can follow to reduce the chance of your email being marked as spam. In addition, it also comes with a knowledge base and FAQs that can answer any questions you might have about its features.

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Mxtoolbox is a trusted software that is used to monitor and analyze server systems and websites globally. Its fast and accurate network of diagnostic and lookup tools makes it an easy way to check website and server systems. It supports global Internet operations by providing free, fast and accurate network diagnostic and lookup tools.

With the numerous tools provided by MxToolBox, you can quickly check up on the server on the environment without reloading or visiting other pages.

MxToolbox, which has 10 years experience in helping small and large businesses improve their email delivery, is also used by millions of professionals to help diagnose and resolve a lot of infrastructural issues, and make their work faster and more reliable.

If you are a marketing manager, IT administrator, or someone who needs a software that can identify domain health issues and handle several network monitoring then MxToolBox is the tool right tool for you.

Web Health weakness is an issue that should be handled as soon as it is noticed, to avoid being blacklisted.

A blacklist is a list of domains or IP addresses that allegedly send spam.

Blacklists can be used as protective shields against codes that aim to use your server as a spam distributor, but they are not perfect. It can also make legit emailers as spammers.

Getting blacklisted can be a major disadvantage to your business because it takes 2days for your server to function again.

MxToolBox can keep track of more than 100 domains and IP blacklists.
it also has a feature that allows registered users to save a set of their favorite tools.

Characteristics of MxToolBox include:


1. It is versatile so it helps resolve and diagnose a wide range of infrastructural issues.

2. It Is A Free Tool; But users who have higher requirements like domain health, monitoring blacklists and DNS can prefer to go for an affordable premium plan.

3. It diagnoses issues in URL, DNS, IP/Host, domain and SMTP.

4. MxToolBox helps its user to ensure everything is set before the website’s launching.

5. It also can diagnose MXRecords after changes are made in a website’s DNS.

Features Of MxToolBox


MxToolBox can perform the following functions;

1) It Generates Accurate (SPF) Records On A Particular Domain.

2) It Manages And Runs The DNS PTR Record For The Hostname

3) It Checks Sender Policy Framework(SPF)

4) It Tests A Mail Server For Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Records On A Particular Domain

5) It Checks If A Host Or IP Is Blacklisted.

If you need a great email delivery, MxToolBox and its tools are here to help you out.

Email delivery is a complicated balance leveraging existing and emerging technologies to help your business communicate your message.

No Email Delivery tool Can promise you 100% inbox placement, but MxToolBox goes a long way in ensuring their customers’ email delivery is improved daily.

An SPDF record can be used to prevent email delivery issues and reduce fraud using email spoofing. MxToolBox can act as an SPDF Creator, and also, help in the arrangement of an existing SPDF or check for an SPDF syntax.

MxToolBox also checks for spam, before every email broadcast. It also helps to check if emails fail to make it to the server or the inbox.

On a daily basis, Mxtoolbox adds new options to their websites which might seem strange to their customers but occasionally clearing your cache, re-login and deleting your cookies can go help access the software’s recent tools.

With the rising number of email intruders, it is mandatory to monitor your IP server health and MxToolbox is an efficient solution to that.