Mxtoolbox: Functions, Features and Characteristics

Mxtoolbox is a trusted software that is used to monitor and analyze server systems and websites globally.

Its fast and accurate network of diagnostic and lookup tools makes it an easy way to check website and server systems.

It supports global Internet operations by providing free, fast and accurate network diagnostic and lookup tools.

With the numerous tools provided by MxToolBox, you can quickly check up on the server on the environment without reloading or visiting other pages.

MxToolbox, which has 10 years experience in helping small and large businesses improve their email delivery, is also used by millions of professionals to help diagnose and resolve a lot of infrastructural issues, and make their work faster and more reliable.

If you are a marketing manager, IT administrator, or someone who needs a software that can identify domain health issues and handle several network monitoring then MxToolBox is the tool right tool for you.

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Web Health weakness is an issue that should be handled as soon as it is noticed, to avoid being blacklisted.

A blacklist is a list of domains or IP addresses that allegedly send spam.

Blacklists can be used as protective shields against codes that aim to use your server as a spam distributor, but they are not perfect. It can also make legit emailers as spammers.

Getting blacklisted can be a major disadvantage to your business because it takes 2days for your server to function again.

MxToolBox can keep track of more than 100 domains and IP blacklists.
it also has a feature that allows registered users to save a set of their favorite tools.

Characteristics of MxToolBox include:


1. It is versatile so it helps resolve and diagnose a wide range of infrastructural issues.

2. It Is A Free Tool; But users who have higher requirements like domain health, monitoring blacklists and DNS can prefer to go for an affordable premium plan.

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3. It diagnoses issues in URL, DNS, IP/Host, domain and SMTP.

4. MxToolBox helps its user to ensure everything is set before the website’s launching.

5. It also can diagnose MXRecords after changes are made in a website’s DNS.


Features Of MxToolBox


MxToolBox can perform the following functions;

1) It Generates Accurate (SPF) Records On A Particular Domain.

2) It Manages And Runs The DNS PTR Record For The Hostname

3) It Checks Sender Policy Framework(SPF)

4) It Tests A Mail Server For Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Records On A Particular Domain

5) It Checks If A Host Or IP Is Blacklisted.

If you need a great email delivery, MxToolBox and its tools are here to help you out.

Email delivery is a complicated balance leveraging existing and emerging technologies to help your business communicate your message.

No Email Delivery tool Can promise you 100% inbox placement, but MxToolBox goes a long way in ensuring their customers’ email delivery is improved daily.

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An SPDF record can be used to prevent email delivery issues and reduce fraud using email spoofing. MxToolBox can act as an SPDF Creator, and also, help in the arrangement of an existing SPDF or check for an SPDF syntax.

MxToolBox also checks for spam, before every email broadcast. It also helps to check if emails fail to make it to the server or the inbox.

On a daily basis, Mxtoolbox adds new options to their websites which might seem strange to their customers but occasionally clearing your cache, re-login and deleting your cookies can go help access the software’s recent tools.

With the rising number of email intruders, it is mandatory to monitor your IP server health and MxToolbox is an efficient solution to that.