easily memorize first 20 elements of the periodic table

Memorizing the First 20 Elements Of The Periodic Table Easily

If you are in a science class where being taught chemistry is a must especially in Nigeria, there is a high chance that you will be required to memorized the 20 elements of the periodic table. Memorizing stuffs could be quite difficult and that is why we will help you memorize the 20 elements of the periodic table using some short keywords.

But before we dive into that below is a brief history of the periodic table:

Before we delve into how to memorize the first 20 elements of the periodic table, lets just take a brief look at the History of the Periodic Table.

Discovery of elements by chemists ushered in another need for studying and learning in Chemistry.
There are about 106 Elements that are known and each element discovered has to be studied.

Elements discovered have wide range of physical and chemical properties. Many are found to behave in similar ways. To make their studies convenient and orderly, chemists began to think about how they could be arranged such that the trend of behavior could be preserved among elements to have a wide range of similar physical and chemical properties.

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Keywords To Memorize The 20 Elements Of The Periodic Table.

In this series, we will use one of the most effective method, which is known as the Mnemonic Devices”. In order to grab this logic easily, you need to be familiar with the element’s symbols and remember the phrase we will state below.

So Here Is How The Phrase Goes:

“Happy Hector Lives Beside Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelson Nancy MgAlonzo. Silly Pan Stays Close. Arlan Kisses Cassie.”

Happy. – H Hydrogen
Hector – He Helium
Lives – Li Lithium
Beside – Be Beryllium
Born – B Boron
Cottage – C Carbon
Near – N Nitrogen
Our – O Oxygen
Friend – F Fluorine.
Nelson – Ne Neon
Nancy – Na Sodium
Mg – Mg Magnesium
Alonzo – Al Aluminum
Silly – Si Silicon
Pan – P Phosphorus
Stays – S Sulphur
Close – Cl Chlorine
Arlan – Ar Argon
Kisses – K Potassium
Cassie – Ca Calcium

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If these are way hard for you to memorize, then the break down below might be easier for you to remember:

“Hello Helen Let Big Boys Come Near Our Farm No Sir Mr Ali Said People Should Come And Plant Cassava”.

Hello – H – Hydrogen.

Helen – He – Helium.

Let – Li – Lithium.

Big – Be – Beryllium.

Boys – B – Boron.

Come – C – Carbon.

Near – N – Nitrogen.

Our – O – Oxygen.

Farm – F – Flourine.

No – Ne – Neon.

Sir – Na – Sodium.

Mr – Mg – Magnesium.

Ali – Al – Aluminium.

Said – Si – Silicon.

People – P – Phosphorus.

Should – S – Sulphur.

Come – Cl – Chlorine.

And – Ar – Argon.

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Plant – K – Potasium.

Cassava – C – Calcium.

Another phrase you could use is the phrase below:

He Has Light Brain But Can Not Offer Full Nine Subjects Must All Stupid People Stop Calling A Pope Christ.

He – H – Hydrogen.
Has – He – Helium.
Light – Li – Lithium.
Brain – Be – Beryllium.
But – B – Boron.
Can – C – Carbon.
Not – N – Nitrogen.
Offer – O – Oxygen.
Full – F – Flourine.
Nine – Ne – Neon.
Subjects – Na – Sodium.
Must – Mg – Magnesium.
All – Al – Aluminium.
Stupid – Si – Silicon.
People – P – Phosphorus.
Stop – S – Sulphur.
Calling – Cl – Chlorine.
A – Ar – Argon.
Pope – K – Pottasium.
Christ – C – Calcium.

So now you have a more clearer phrase on how you could easily memorize the 20 elements of the periodic table.