Locate a Parking Spot for Your Car with Anagog

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Motorists and other private car owners are stuck with the problem of locating a car parking spot especially in the busy and bustling cities where parking spaces are limited.  With the development of a car application known as Anagog, drivers can now heap a sigh of relief when leaving their homes. Since its creation by Yaron Aizenbud, it has recorded a huge user statistic of over 100,000. Anagog as a Smartphone enabled application comes with convenient features that basically, informs you on the next available parking space within a vicinity and also enables you locate where you parked your car when you are about to leave.

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One unique features of Anagog is that it does not require any form of hardware to run. All you need do is to download the software into your Smartphone and you are up and running! Although the real technology behind Anagog is still a matter of close secrecy, it is assumed that it detects when a user has parked his car, alighted from it or moving towards his parked car via phone vibrations and sensors. Basically, the working principle is based on detection and signaling of available parking space from an Anagog user to another since it can only detect an available parking space on an Anagog enabled phone and send same to another Anagog enabled phone. This then means that for the software to be very effective many individuals would have to use the software. 




    Unique Features of Anagog Technology

 Anagog is replete with some very unique features based on the ‘Parking Visibility’ technology.  Its technology have been used to design other similar software such as OTO and 2Park. Below are some of these unique features:

1. Anagog guides drivers to locate the streets with the highest chance of a parking space.

2. It guides drivers in real time, to locate car parking spaces that is about to be vacated.

3. Data collected by this app is done passively with great anonymity and automatically.

4. The app service runs in the background of a device holder and monitors his mobility status.

5. Data referencing is enabled as all records and data captured by Anagog are stored automatically.

6. Data and records of parking events are made available to the community of users because they are sent directly to the servers.

7.  Accurate statistics are generated from analyzed parking data that have been stored which are made available to Anagog users.

8. SDK is provided which can be integrated into third party products for commercial purposes.

                              DownloadAnagog Here

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