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Important Concepts of Social Trading in Forex and Stocks You Must Know

Forex trading has become a very lucrative online income earning opportunity especially with the advent of myriads of electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, phablets and kindle fire. The principle of forex and social trading revolves round the tactical manipulation of currency value differences using a trading platform. Meta Trader 5 is the latest trading software platform used by most forex brokers including etoro.

One unique feature of etoro is that traders can copy one another’s trade and hence maximize their investments. This is known as social trading because it connects traders intimately and enables them to share their experiences on the platform. Social trading connects people emotionally via social media networks such as Facebook and twitter such that many more investors are attracted into this social investment network via tweets and invites from Facebook.

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On etoro, stock market trading is a very unique feature available to would-be stock market investors. Stock market investors leverage on the advantage of having the ability to buy stocks of blue chip companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and twitter just by the click of a buy or sell button. An investor can invest as low as $10 to purchase any stock of his or her choice on etoro! Ordinarily, $10 cannot buy a stock of such major blue chip companies; however, etoro has made a ‘walk around’—– a pool of all the funds deposited by investors for a particular stock is gathered and executed at specific trading times. This trading strategy helps small investors own part of these companies at almost no cost!

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Since some of the stocks are bought at prices lower than their actual value at the exchange, etoro has devised a means where these stocks are executed collectively in batches at specific times of a trading day which means that an investor has to wait for the transaction(either a buy or a sell) to be executed. Note that, the final price value of a stock is determined by its price value at the time of execution and not the price value at the time the investor initiates the transaction.

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Payment Methods and Withdrawal Requirements

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The payment methods available at the etoro platform are credit card, PayPal, Skrill(formally money bookers), Wire transfer and Neteller.

For withdrawals to be processed there is a one-time identity verification where the investor has to provide an International passport and a credit card or Bank statement where details such as address, name and photograph are clearly visible. Withdrawals are usually processed within 24hrs in giving business day. Furthermore, a withdrawal fee of $5 is usually deducted from any withdrawal amount if you wish to withdraw via PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. Wire transfer withdrawal fees may vary depending on the amount and other bank charges which differ from one banking institution to the other.

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