How to Use Mxtoolbox to Check DNS Records of Domains

Mxtoolbox is a third party tool that enables you to check the DNS records of your domain. This tool is very handy as a webmaster if you wish to establish or look up  DNS records and other such domain health analysis report. Below are some of the tools you can use in Mxtoolbox.

Mx records

DNS servers


IP blacklist check

Domains key identified mail(dkim)

Sender policy framework

Dmarc check

ICMP echo request(ping)

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DNS start of authority(soa)

ICMP trace route

Subnet calculator

Header analyzer

Brand reputation check

DNS propagation check

Email user list check

Email deliverability check

DNS lookup text record(txt)

DNS lookup canonical(cname)

DNS lookup for location(loc)

Open ports scan

Email server test

ASN lookup

Domain health report

Port status check

DNS reverse lookup.


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You can get the tool by navigating to and begin to check the DNS records of your site and any other parameter you may wish to establish by clicking on any of the tools in the homepage menu or clicking on ‘more’ to explore more toolbox options, type in your domain name and click on the arrow to begin a check of the selected parameter you desire. it is highly recommended that you use a good host for your domain such as Godaddy. There are very clear explanations on how  to navigate through the site and set up your DNS and other settings quite easily.

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There are quite a number of Domain Health monitoring features on Mxtoolbox that you can use to ascertain the health of your domain. these features include blacklist check, web server monitoring checks, mail server monitoring checks and over 15 tests run against your DNS servers  and their settings and configurations. 

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