How to Use Lightshot Software to Capture your Images

Lightshot is a software that is used to capture images or take a screen shot of a particular document on your computer. It is very easy to use and does not involve any herculean tasks or special computer knowledge to use. The software has several features such as copy, save and paste that confers efficiency and ease of use a s a veritable application to capture selected areas of your document or image.

You can download lightshot from this link and it is very compatible with computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac. It supports several image formats such as png, bmp and jpg. Lightshot uses imgur server to host uploaded screen shots and you can easily uninstall this software any time you so desire.

This screen capture software is particular useful in social media networking, students, researchers and business executives who are engaged in sending data or information to colleagues , teachers, bosses or subordinates. 

Students in developing countries such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia and several other countries where the educational infrastructure is still been developed can use this software to enhance their education research work and communicate with their lecturers when assignments  or project work is to be carried out.

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