car brake failure

How To Survive A Car Brake Failure: Step by Step

A Car brake failure can happen, especially when an individual fails to visit the car repair store at least once every month. Although sometimes it could happen unexpectedly, so today we will be listing out guidelines you should follow, if you ever find yourself in such situations.


1) Make Use Of Your Car Horn

Brake failure

Immediately you realize that your car brakes isn’t working, the first thing you should do is to alert other drivers of the situation by repeatedly pressing your car horns. This will help notify the other drivers of your situation and they will clear a path for you, to prevent you from colliding with their car.

2) Downshift Immediately

If this is your first time experiencing a car brake failure, then be sure to remain calm and don’t panic. You have successfully alerted other drivers and they have cleared the path for you. The next step to take is to lower your car’s gear very carefully. Lowering your car gear will help slow down your car and possibly help you pull over.

Below are things you want to avoid:

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* Do not downshift too quickly, as this can make your car tumble uncontrollably

* Avoid setting your car to neutral, as this will affect the engine braking effect.

* Do not shut off your car, else you won’t have power steering.


Does your car posses regular brakes?

Note: When we say regular brakes we do not mean anti – lock brakes.

If yes, then try pumping it fast, this would help develop brake fluid pressure. After pumping your brakes for 4 times and they still aren’t working, then the next step would definitely help out.

3) Make Use Of The Emergency Brake

Brake failure

So you have tried the previous step and it still didn’t work out?, if yes, then the next option is to make use of your car’s emergency brake. You should keep in mind that the emergency brake would not bring your car to a full stop, but it is enough to help your car slow down.

Having trouble finding out where the emergency brake is located ?

Well, some cars posses a hand – activated lever, while the rest posses a small pedal which is at the left side of the brake and gas pedals.

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Want to try out and discover how effective the emergency brake is ?

This is a very good idea, to test the emergency brake, try to locate an area with no drivers around. Try driving at a slow speed before making use of the emergency brake. This will help you gain experience on how to make use of the emergency brake, whenever you find yourself in a car brake failure situation.

4) Pull Your Car Over To The Side Of The Road

Switch on your hazard lights, and move your car towards the right side of the road. You should be very careful especially when you are switching lanes to get over to the right side of the road, ensure you make use of your car’s mirror to watch the traffic surrounding you. Then alert other driver that you are switching lanes.

When at the right side of the road, make use of anything that is available at the moment to enable you stop your car, moving over grasses will help slow down your car and possibly bring it to a stop.

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5) Call For A Tow Truck

Repair Store

Were you able to stop your car? If yes then get your car towed by a tow truck.

You may be wondering, what if I was able to get my car brakes working again, is it save to continue my journey?

Definitely not save, even though you were able to get your brakes back on, it is advisable to still pull over and call for a tow truck, so that your car would be taken to the repair store.

6) Create A Brake Maintenance Routine

A Car brake failure could be very devastating. However, if you take good care of your car, your car would take good care of you, ensure you take your car to the repair store monthly for repairs and maintenance.

That’s all for today, what other method do you think is effective and would help save a person’s life when they experience a brake failure?, let us know in the comment section.