How to Scan Any QR Code On Your Android Device

As the world evolves, we have seen technology grow at a very fast pace. The QR code has emerged to be one of the latest methods, which people from all over the world use to make payments or easily open an app. Today we will be discussing how you can scan any QR code using your android device, below at the guidelines you need to follow:

1 ) Using the Google lens to scan the QR Code

Google lens

One of the most popular method is the Google lens. A lot of  the modern Android devices posses the Google lens features. Scanning a QR code using this method is super easy, the individual has to click on the QR code, this will decipher and show the individual web link. Below is a further breakdown on guidelines, which one must use to scan a QR code using Google lens:

  • First of all, you have to click on the camera app on your Android device.
  • When your phone camera opens up, locate the Google lens button, which is next to the shutter button.
  • Click on the scan icon.
  • When the scanner appears on your device screen, you would see a picture of the QR code, click on it.
  • After clicking on the QR code, Google lenses will then decipher the code and help you to translate the contents.

2) Using Google Chrome to scan the QR Code


Do you have the Google Chrome app installed on Android device ?, Google Chrome allows it’s users to easily scan a QR code through it’s app, it also grants the users the ability to create their personal QR code links. Below at the following guidelines on how you  can scan a QR code using the Google Chrome app:

  • Open the link on your Google Chrome app and then click on URL bar.
  • You will see some options, which will appear below the URL bar, click on the share icon.
  • After clicking the share icon, you will a menu appear below, this menu contains a QR code option, click on it.
  • This will automatically convert the URL to a QR code.
  • When the QR code appears, click on the scan option.
  • Grant Chrome the permission to access the camera.
  • After allowing Chrome access to your camera, Chrome automatically scan the QR code.

3) Using Paytm to scan a QR Code

PaytmQR code

Do you make use of any online digital payment app such as Google Pay, PhonePe, or Paytm ? if you do, then it might surprise you to know that these payments app posses some in-built scanners, which give them the ability to scan this code. Although, Google Pay as well as PhonePe are only limited to scan UPI QR codes, which bases on payment only. But this is not the case for Paytm, because it allows an individual to scan any QR code, below are guidelines for scanning any QR code using Paytm digital payment app:

  • Open your Paytm app.
  • Click on the scan any QR button.
  • A viewfinder will appear on your android device screen, align it with the QR code you wish to scan.
  • The app will show you the QR code contents.

Note: If the QR code is a website link, Paytm will alert you, telling you that the QR code wants to take you to a website. you can choose to be migrated to the website by clicking, Ok, I understand or you can choose to remain in the Paytm app by clicking on Cancel.


4) Using an app, which is dedicated to scanning QR Codes


QR code scanner

Google Play Store contains hundreds of apps, which has the ability to help you scan any QR code, although we recommend you download the QR & Barcode Scanner android app from Google Play Store. The recommended app comes with lots of extra added features such as: giving you the ability to create QR codes emails, texts, URLs, WiFi, and so on, it also gives scan images as well as QR codes and Barcodes. Below are the necessary guidelines for scanning any QR code using this app:

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the app.
  • Install the app.
  • Launch the app, and give it permission to access everything it demands.
  • Align the app’s viewfinder to the QR code and the app will provide you with the necessary content.
  • The app will ask you whether you wish to open the URL or share QR code result.

Now that you have known how to scan any QR code using your android device, which one do you plan to use and which one is much easier for you to use?, let us know in the comment section.