How to Operate a Gasoline Engine and Generator

Gasoline engine : It is absolutely important that you do not connect any electrical appliance to the engine prior to starting it. When you are ready to start the engine, just turn the fuel cock ON and turn the engine switch ON. Next you turn the choke lever to the position of ‘choke’. Note that if the engine is already warm, there would be no need for this and you can just leave the choke lever in the ‘RUN’ position.

Starting the engine is not a difficult procedure. Just pull the starter handle slowly and gently until you feel a resistance which is known as the compression point. Next, return the handle to its initial position and pull it swiftly making sure you do not fully pull out the rope. Note that after the engine has started, you should allow the handle to return to its original position while you are still holding the handle. Warm up the engine for a while usually a few minutes without any load and then turn the choke back to the operating position(RUN).

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  Caution While Using Electrical Power

Make sure the electrical appliances to be plugged into the generator are turned off before you connect into the generator.

Ensure that the total load is within the output rating of the generator.

Ensure that the socket load current is within the socket rated current.

If you intend to get power from a TWIST LOCK receptacle, just insert the plug into the receptacle and turn the TWIST LOCK clockwise to lock it.

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Sometimes the no-fuse breaker or circuit breaker may turn off during operation. When this happens, it means the generator is overloaded or the appliance is defective. All you need do is to stop the generator immediately and check the appliance or generator for defects and possible repairs.



Trouble Shooting

If your gasoline Engine or generator fails to start, then you can look out for any of these trouble shooting and the solutions you can apply

  1. Choke lever in RUN position—set it to choke position
  1. No fuel in the combustion chamber
  1. Clogged carburetor—clean the carburetor
  1. No fuel in fuel tank— refill fuel tank
  1. Foreign object or dirt in fuel cock
  1. Locked fuel cock— set to ON position
  1. Insufficient engine oil—- refill engine oil
  1. Poor spark— clean the spark plug by removing the carbon clogging it
  1. Insufficient compression— caused by worn out piston and cylinder, loose cylinder head nuts and damaged gasket. In all these consult the dealer or technician or replace gasket and tighten nuts firmly.
  1. No electricity is generated at the receptacle—check the AC protector and make sure it is set in the ON position, check whether the appliance is connected to the generator when the engine is started and then disconnect it from the receptacle. Also check for loose connections and secure appropriately.
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