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The Internet is a huge reservoir of information and knowledge that anyone can avail him or herself of. However, very few people are conscious of the fact that knowledge and information is a intellectual property that can be sold or traded for cash. Just like music, written book by an author, technical competence in engineering or science, giving out knowledge on the Internet can also be monetized. Seraphicinsights is that site that would pay you for giving out information, insights and knowledge and for helping other Internet users in solving their problems. 

The business model adopted by the administrators of seraphicinsights is that of revenue sharing from adverts placed on the site. This model is sustainable and provides a win-win scenario for both site user and site administrator. The payout is very reasonable devoid of the claim of bogus pay by other revenue sharing platforms. Just like other question and Answer sites like Wikianswers, Helpowl and Quora; Seraphicinsights needs a user to sign up before he or she can post a question or provide an Answer.

Seraphicinsights is also a social platform that allows members to write posts and also earn from it. However, such writers must be approved by the administrators of the site and would be known as Elite Content Creators(ECC). This concept is to ensure that only quality posts of good SEO value are published on the site. Members can also earn from making new friends, creating and joining groups. All these activities are aimed at making the site a rich source of information that anyone can draw reference from just like the defunct Webanswers and the thriving Quora.

There is even more information with better clarity about how the site works, the rules governing site usage, compensation plans and procedure for payment. You can sign up here and start earning while giving and gaining insights and knowledge from your intellectual property reservoir. 



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