The Future of Home Automation

Even though technology has greatly developed over the past few decades, automation of our homes comes slowly. Most of the homeowners are not even familiar with various ways of improving their homes with technology, and it is about time that changed.

iSmart Alarm

This all-seeing and all-knowing tech brain can wrap your home into a safe blanket filled with security equipment. This handy tool covers everything you have in the house, including motion sensors, contact sensors, cameras, smart switches and many other smart gadgets you have. It can even be programmed to recognize when certain family members are in the house or not, due to the company’s smart tags. Feel safe with iSmart Alarm, and always know what is happening in your home. You can watch the live feed of the house from your office and even be alerted every time doors or windows have been left open.

Door Sensors

For the complete safety in your home and eliminating the unsettling feeling when leaving home, installing door sensors is a way to put away such worries. These sensors can alert you every time your door is open or ajar, preventing you from leaving them open. Additionally, it works like a home security system, and it will alert your alarm company every time someone tries to enter without permission. You can easily install these sensors yourself by simply getting the right tools online, or have your alarm company help you, and be at peace every time when going out.


You can easily keep an eye on your home from anywhere by simply setting up Piper. This camera is a great addition to your home decoration and it offers 180-degree view and motion-sensing abilities. Every time something suspicious and odd happens in your home, the camera sends footage straight to your smartphone. Additionally, you can pay some extra and add a night vision for extra security in the dark. Also, Piper has two-way audio which gives you the opportunity to chat to your pets, simply fool around with someone or give advice and instructions to your family members. Besides home safety, Piper can track the humidity, temperature and ambient light levels.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The old carbon monoxide detectors from the hardware store are not as reliable as some of the newly developed technologies. The old ones failed to alarm you because of the weak batteries, but if you bring your automation system to a new level, you will never face such problems again. Give in to the contemporary automation systems which can easily detect increased levels of carbon monoxide and be alarmed on time if you are in danger. Your bedroom should be a safe place for you to sleep, and any potential dangers should be detected on time.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam sure looks like a puffed up webcam, but is far more intelligent than that. Just like Piper, Google’s Nest Cam can offer you the live feed of your home and send you any footage with suspicious and unusual activities in each room. This easy to use camera can be set up on a desk, table or even mounted on the wall, and you are promised high security, since it can spot the difference between a burglar and a swaying tree.

There is a reason why developers and scientist are putting so much effort in developing technology. It is not just a mere way to entertain ourselves and our children. If used right, it can provide top quality safety in our homes and lives, and all we have to do is simply not be so stubborn, conservative and give in to the new ways of living.

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  1. Home automation is a great fascination to all new age homes today. With alarms and remote sensors and switches are the best that we have to make ourselves more depended on technology.

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