How to Get a Free Business Email Address from Zoho

free business email address

It is always very important for businesses and brands to maintain an online presence with a custom email address(es) that identifies the brand or business. This is so imperative because it confers credibility to your business and can expand your customer base. However, it has become very difficult to get a custom business email address such as ( without paying subscription or renewal fee to the email service provider. Google can provide this service through its Gmail service but you also have to part with a about $50 annually. Fortunately, Zoho provides a free business email address service and it takes just less than 10minutes to sign up. You can also upgrade from the lite version  if your email needs are much more than 10 business email addresses especially where your company staff, employees or departments need individual email addresses.




Steps to Creating a Free Business Email Address on Zoho

  1. In order to get started in setting up your free business email address on Zoho, log on to and click on the zohomail link.
  2. Click on the ‘add domain’ link on the page that appears.
  3. Add your domain and go ahead to fill in the sign up form with your required details.
  4. A confirmation message would be sent once the sign up process has been completed. This confirmation is for the free lite plan. Note that you have the option of adding up to 10 email addresses in this plan. It also comes with 5GB mailbox size.
  5. The next stage is to verify your domain. You can either use the CNAME method, the text method or the HTML method. You can contact your domain host to determine how to verify your domain. Godaddy offer one of the best and straight forward methods of domain verification using the CNAME method.
  6. After verifying your domain, you would receive a success message indicating that your domain has been successfully verified.
  7. In order to start using your business email account, you need to change the MX record. Head straight to your domain host, log in and updat the MX record.

add record

Then head straight back to the domain setup and finish up the process. You now have a custom business email address which can serve several purposes such as admin(, support( , info(, payment( etc

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