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How To Exit The Blind Mode Of Sony Xperia Smartphones

The blind mode of Sony Xperia Smartphones is designed to aid blind users navigate through the various functions of the phone and swipe it freely and easily while been directed by a voice prompt.

The blind mode is certainly a novel innovation by Sony Corporation to help blind phone users use the phone effortlessly just like every other able bodied individual would do.

However, the problem that many people encounter in using the phone is the problem of exiting this mode especially for non-blind users. This can be a very difficult process to achieve especially for people who are unfamiliar with how the Smartphone works.

This is how you can exit this mode of Sony Xperia once it has been activated turning on the Talkback icon on the accessibility link located in the settings menu.

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Firstly, Just go to the accessibility link in the settings menu and use two fingers to scroll preferable the thumb and the index finger to scroll through the phone and get to the Talkback link.

Secondly, Tap this link twice and a prompt is displayed indicating that it is turned on. Double click on this link and double click the OK button that is displayed and the blind mode would be exited.

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You must note that when the phone is in the blind mode you must tap every icon twice for it to be active or to navigate into another link or menu. You must also use two fingers that are separated by a few centimeters apart(preferably the thumb and the middle finger) to scroll through a link, otherwise the phone will not respond.

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