How To Exit the Blind Mode of Sony Xperia Smartphones

The blind mode of Sony Xperia Smartphones is designed to aid blind users navigate through the various functions of the phone and swipe it freely and easily while been directed by a voice prompt.

The blind mode is certainly a novel innovation by Sony Corporation to help blind phone users use the phone effortlessly just like every other able bodied individual would do.

However, the problem that many people encounter in using the phone is the problem of exiting this mode especially for non-blind users. This can be a very difficult process to achieve especially for people who are unfamiliar with how the Smartphone works.

This is how you can exit this mode of Sony Xperia once it has been activated by turning on the Talkback icon on the accessibility link located in the settings menu.

Firstly, just go to the accessibility link in the settings menu and use two fingers to scroll preferable the thumb and the index finger to scroll through the phone and get to the Talkback link.

Secondly, Tap this link twice and a prompt is displayed indicating that it is turned on. Double click on this link and double click the OK button that is displayed and the blind mode would be exited.

You must note that when the phone is in the blind mode you must tap every icon twice for it to be active or to navigate into another link or menu. You must also use two fingers that are separated by a few centimeters apart(preferably the thumb and the middle finger) to scroll through a link, otherwise the phone will not respond.

The Blind Mode Features of Sony Xperia 1 IV and V Smartphones

What is Blind Mode?

The Xperia 10 and 10 Plus take a bold approach with their 21:9 displays, which make them stand out. And while the phones look awkward by comparison to other mid-range handsets, their affordable specs and solid camera make them good all-around performers.

The phones have a strong chassis and table-stakes features like headphone jacks, fingerprint readers, and battery life that’s above average for this price range. The software runs well and the cameras are powerful, though they’re not as capable as the best on the market.

Blind mode is a handy Android feature that allows you to control your phone without looking at it. It’s also known as TalkBack, Screen Reader, and Voice Assistant, and it’s an essential tool for visually impaired users. However, sometimes it can become a distraction for non-blind users if it’s left on indefinitely. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to turn it off.

The Xperia 1 IV is a great Android phone for audiophiles thanks to its Hi-Res support and internal DAC. It can play back audio in up to 32-bit resolution over Bluetooth, and its built-in DAC supports high-resolution formats like FLAC. It also has a headphone jack that lets you connect wired headphones or IEMs, and it’s compatible with Sony’s DSEE HX technology for upscaling music.

Its camera isn’t the best on the market, but it’s good enough to give you decent shots and video. Its 52-MP main sensor is joined by a 12-MP wide-angle and a 12-MP telephoto, and the front has a 12-MP selfie camera. And the Xperia 1 V has a pretty unique look that makes it stand out from other phones.

The Xperia 1 V has a tall, stretched body and a large fingerprint sensor on the side that can be tricky to reach with one hand. The sensor also doesn’t always recognize my thumbprint and unlock right away. And the notification shade can be hard to pull down when you have the phone in landscape mode. Thankfully, Sony offers a solution with its Side Sense overlay menu that gives you quick access to all the important settings.

Once Blind mode is activated it allows you to navigate through your phone with ease while being directed by a voice prompt. This mode has been developed by Sony Corporation to aid blind phone users in using their Smartphones effortlessly just like any able bodied person would do. Activating this mode is pretty easy by going to the accessibility link located in the settings menu and then tapping the Talkback icon on it. Exiting this mode is also fairly easy by following a simple process.

How to Disable the Blind Mode?

As stated in the beginning of this post, the blind mode is a novel innovation by Sony Corporation to help the visually impaired use their Smartphone without looking at it. It allows the user to navigate through the functions of their Smartphone and swipe it freely while been directed by a voice prompt. Sometimes the phone may accidentally activate this feature even though the user does not intend to do so. To stop the feature from activating, the user can disable it by following one of two ways. One way is to access the Talkback link located in the accessibility options. Another way is to navigate into the settings menu and deactivate it from there.

How to Use the Blind Mode of Sony Xperia P Smartphone

The Xperia P includes some features that make it suitable for people with limited dexterity. It is lightweight and has a simple grip, and its voice recognition feature can simplify commands and navigation for those with physical limitations. It also has a front-facing VGA camera that allows video calls. It can be used with some hearing aids, and it supports Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it can be accessed with SmartTags, which store customized settings and commands that are sent to the phone when touched with the back of the device.

While the Xperia P offers many accessibility options, it is important to remember that not all users will find every setting helpful. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for blindness, and it is important to experiment until you find the settings that work best for you.

Using the Xperia smartphone in its blind mode is a bit of a challenge. The screen is very bright, and the buttons have a different shape than most other smartphones. The process of turning on the phone and exiting the blind mode can be confusing for some users. It is important to read the instructions carefully to avoid confusion and missteps.

Leaving the blind mode enabled can be distracting and annoying for some users, especially when the phone is used for gaming. Fortunately, the process of configuring and turning off this feature is easy and can be done in a few steps. This feature is an essential tool for visually impaired users, but it can become distracting if it is not used correctly. To avoid this problem, it is important to know how to turn off the blind mode on your Xperia. To do this, first, select the Accessibility link from the Settings menu. Then, select Talkback. After that, you can use two fingers (preferably the thumb and index finger) to scroll through the links on the page. Once you have located the talkback link, you can double click it to activate it. Once the feature is activated, you can exit it by navigating to the accessibility link again and tapping on it twice.

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