Evolution and its Possible Alternatives

A young English biologists known as G.H Harper has proposed that the concept of evolution be critically examined instead of indoctrinating students into accepting evolution without any form of in-depth examination. He further posited that researchers and students should look into alternative possibilities of evolution. The alternatives to evolution and its concept can be summarized to three:– Spontaneous generation, special creation and Steady state

  1. Spontaneous generation:– This concept is hinged on the fact that organisms evolved by natural means from non–living matter or material. However, this theory has been roundly disproved by the experiments of Louis Pasteur who showed, through findings from organisms in a nutrient broth, that life comes from an already existing life. This theory is still held today(at least for the first life that appeared on earth) by some scientists especially since there are no concrete evidence that definitively proves where the first life on earth came from.
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  1. Special creation:– This concept believe in the formation of organisms and life by supernatural means. This means that there was no precursor to such life, either living or non-living. The special creation theory posits that life was an act of God and this belief is held by most religions of the world. However, there are beliefs that life might have had successions with each population subsequently being destroyed or decimated by some kind of natural or manmade disaster under an idea known as catastrophism.
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  1. Steady state:– This theory subscribes to the position that organisms and species never had a beginning! This means that species existed throughout time and that they neither came into existence nor evolved into other species. This theory contrasts with the previous two theories that suggest that life has a beginning at one point in time or the other through recorded history.

evolution of species

All these theories revolve round one form of religious belief or the other and the only theory that may have some kind of scientifically semblance to evolution is the steady state theory. Harper supports this theory after considering some evidence. He alludes to the fact that none of the traditionally accepted evidences on evolution rules out the possibility of a steady state. For instance, he asserts that certain fossil data can be effectively interpreted on this basis than on mere evolutionary progression.

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To my mind, the steady state theory is not factual and there is absolutely no convincing evidence to support it. I would rather go for the specific creation theory that has overwhelming natural and religious support.