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Entropay : An Emerging e-Payment Processor

Entropay is one of the world’s leading e-payment processor where you can make and receive payments via a virtual credit card that you can create on your account on the entropay platform. The huge advantage this system confers on the user is that multiple prepaid virtual credit cards can be created and activated by loading or transferring a small amount of money into each of the created cards and instantly, they become ‘active’ with the card number, expiry date and cvv all appearing instantly.

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Funding entropay is very easy. Your entropay account can be funded either with a credit card or via your bank account. Funding with a credit card however, requires some verification process. Verification of the credit card you used in funding your entropay account requires any of the two steps listed below:

Photo verification is required where you hold up the card before a webcam and the details of the card are photographed to authenticate its validity and ensure that the use of such a card is not fraudulent.

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When photo verification fails, you can use the second method which involves the deduction of very small amounts of money from your credit card which you can use in completing the verification process once these amounts appear in your card statement.

However, if you wish to avoid all the verification processes associated with a credit card funding of your entropay account, you can opt for funding via your bank account and the money is transferred into your entropay account within two business days.

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Entropay prepaid virtual credit cards can be used online to pay for services or make a purchase at online stores such as Amazon, Target, Bestbuy, Walmart etc. This convenience of creating multiple credit cards means that there is a lot of flexibility in choosing the card you wish to use for a particular transaction. Interestingly, these prepaid virtual cards can be used to verify your PayPal and Skrill accounts conveniently and also receive payments directly into them.

Important Notes on Entropay

Entropay accounts can be opened by anyone, 18years and above in any country except some countries that are labeled as high risk countries. An IP address change can help if your country of residence is banned.

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In other to lift your account limits, you must verify your address and location by providing a photo ID, bank statement or a utility bill statement that states clearly your name and address as it appears on your entropay account information.

Very small percentage fees are charged for every fund movement into an entropay account or between the created virtual cards.

If you do not log into your account within a 30day period, you account would be dormant and you will need to reactivate it by sending a request to the support department who would send you a link for its reactivation.

Signing up on entropay is very easy. All you need to is to have an active email address and click HERE to get started.