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Emergency? Start Charging Your iphone By Hand

An innovative technology that deploys the age long electromagnetic induction principle have been developed which would enable iphone users charge their phones by hand. In times of emergency an extra battery power even by 10 seconds could be very helpful. The group that developed this technology known as Mipwr, used the principle of electromagnetic induction, which uses magnetic fields to control and create electricity. A casing containing a magnet which slips perfectly over the phone can be pushed slightly by an attached paddle which immediately turns on the magnet and consequently, this creates an electric charge induction effect that gives the phone an extra ‘power lifeline’. Interestingly, this phone casing comes with an Mipwr backup battery power bank that can supply extra phone talk time of about 2hrs.

The importance of this kind of device cannot be over emphasized. Just pause for a moment and imagine a real emergency situation where you need to just yell, ‘help, I am in ….’ All that a user needs to do is to pump or crank the paddle for about a minute and a talk time of about 30 seconds could be gained which is indeed ‘huge’ if in dire need for rescue 


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Due to the high risk associated with certain sporting and recreational activities, emergencies are bound to occur where a victim may need to make a quick distress call. Below is a description of some of the different situations individuals may find themselves where an extra phone talk time may prove to be very helpful and even life saving.

  1. This device is highly recommended for outdoor sports or recreation lovers who may be engaged in surfing, mountain climbing or visitors to a game reserve.
  2. Young school children who may need to talk to their parents or guardians to make requests or send out distress calls.
  3. Natural disasters are occurrences which sometimes give no warning signal. Devices such as this could be used as backup power bank to facilitate search and rescue operations.
  4. Ships, aircrafts, cars and trains can be fitted with this power backup to enable passengers or crew members make emergency rescue calls during accidents or some other fatalities. In designing this power case charger for the iphone, the developers took into cognizance of the aesthetic appeal it would have on the user. In handling the device, there is no need for the user to begin to tamper or fiddle with the pump handle since it is hidden beneath the case and leaving no room for adjustments. It is hoped that the developers of this technology, Miprw, would go into full scale production of this device and save countless number of lives that would be lost through emergencies and fatalities whose effects would have been mitigated if emergency personnel had received quick and prompt distress call.
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