DreamHack Team Reveals Their Complete Schedule for the World Tour

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The video game industry has seen rapid and unprecedented growth since the 80s. Video games are far more embraced by mainstream culture today than they’ve ever been. In large part, this is thanks to the fact that the industry has matured, producing adult-oriented games that tackle serious issues. However, the maturation of the industry has also led to the growing trend of “competitive gaming”.

Competitive gaming began as a grassroots movement in the 90s. The release of Street Fighter II had a lot to do with the whole thing. Arcades would organize tournaments for teens, wherein they would compete in the game. Soon, in the early 2000s, competitive gaming became commercially viable, and eSports officially began.

What is “eSports”?

eSports is a general term that refers to any and all professionally competitive video game events. This can include tournaments, championships, World Tours, or even just organized games between two teams. As is the case with real sports, eSports has garnered a massive following. And not just fans, but bettors as well.

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That’s right. In 2022, you can place a bet on your favorite eSports team. Take a look at the numerous sportsbook reviews and guides online, if you need any help with where to start on eSports betting. For example, you can check out the SBK betting review and guide, as it is an excellent jumping off point. If you are already aware of eSports, though, you will surely be familiar with the Swedish company DreamHack. They’ve recently revealed their complete schedule for the World Tour. So, let’s take a look at what DreamHack has in store for us in 2023.

DreamHack Team World Tour Schedule

For those who aren’t aware, let’s first look over who DreamHack are. A Swedish gaming brand that puts a special emphasis on eSports events, DreamHack is one of the world’s biggest organizers of gaming tournaments. In fact, they hold the world record for largest LAN party, as well as the biggest computer festival. These achievements are even logged in the Guinness Book of World Records. They are also known for having the world’s fastest internet connection. DreamHack mainly organizes its events in North America and Western Europe, though they have been known to stray from the path now and again.

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In 2023, the DreamHack team is going to regale us with 12 festivals in 9 cities, a truly amazing feat. So, let us look over the events and talk about a few standouts. First of all, we have to address the new additions to the roster. DreamHack San Diego and DreamHack Japan are going to be taking place in the early-middle part of 2023, around April and May. Many fans are incredibly excited for these new additions to the roster, and are looking forward to see how the events unveil.

Also in April, Canadian fans will get to experience DreamHack Melbourne. Later in the year, in June and July, DreamHack is organizing their Dallas and Hanover event. July will see the festival open in Valencia, though it is worth noting that the Hanover and Valencia events will open once more in December as well. Also in December we have the DreamHack Atlanta to look forward to, but before that Hyderabad will also get its event in October.

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Last but not least, DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter will be held in Jönköping in June (Summer) and November (Winter). Across these different events, we will get to see some of the world’s top eSports teams compete across a variety of different titles. The tournaments to really look out for are the Intel Extreme Masters Dallas and DreamHack Hanover, where players will be gearing up for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

Other eSports Competitions

Of course, DreamHack is not the only organizer. And though 2022 is coming to a close, there are still some events to watch out for. In 2023, we will get more of the same events that took place this year, including The International 2023, the League of Legends Worlds 2023, and the Valorant Champions 2023. All of the aforementioned events were a massive hit this season, and we expect will only be more popular next year around.

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