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An application that enables you to delete all your data and personal details on several internet websites has proven to be the much wanted solution to problems associated with identity theft especially when data and personal details submitted online cannot be deleted or erased at the discretion of the subscriber. comes in handy as it is a very simple tool where just by the click of a button, all information stored in a particular website during sign up, account creation or subscription can be erased automatically. This powerful tool was developed by Robb Lewis and designer Ed poole. It is essentially a directory of data, information and links on how to delete certain personal accounts from websites. rates websites according to how easy it is to delete records in them. For instance websites such as Google, PayPal and Instagram are categorized as been ‘easy’ while sites such as Amazon and New York times are categorized as ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’, while craigslist and Pinterest are labeled as ‘Impossible’. This is because there is no way for accounts set up on these sites can be deleted even when requests are made to the customer care via the contact link. You can access by following this link here

iFonebox – Recover lost iPhone/iPad/iTouch data [Download]


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