Best Wired Keyboards To Buy In 2022

As you know, keyboards are necessary when using a computer, and while wireless options are currently in high demand, some users still prefer wired keyboards. This article provides a comprehensive list of the best wired keyboards to buy right now if you need a convenient typing experience and an amazing build.

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1. Perixx Periboard-317:

Perixx Periboard-317

This is a brilliant USB keyboard that comes with white backlighting for use under low light conditions. It is available as a one-piece design for extra durability and it possesses large keys and a chiclet design to prevent wrong key presses. This keyboard is also home to membrane key switches that will dazzle you.

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2. Macally ACEKEYA:


This is an ultra-thin USB keyboard that works well with Mac systems and is also compatible with Windows. It comes with twenty Apple shortcut keys for one-touch commands plus it features a full-sized layout with 110 slim and quiet keys. If you are thinking about a wired keyboard that will stand the test of time, this is the one to go for.

3. Perixx Periboard-512:

Best Wired Keyboards
Perixx Periboard-512

This keyboard comes with a split-key design to aid a natural arm and hand position while you type. It comes with an integrated palm rest for more comfort and its 3D curved surface is designed to match the curvature of human fingers. It is well fitted with responsive keys for comfortable keystrokes and it delivers massive value for money.

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4. TVS Electronics Gold Bharat:

TVS Electronics Gold Bharat
TVS Electronics Gold Bharat

This is a fantastic mechanical keyboard with Longhua blue switches. According to the manufacturer, its key has a life of approximately 50 million keystrokes, and its sculpted keycaps provide extreme comfort at all times. Furthermore, the characters on the keys are laser-etched to prevent fading.

5. Kensington Pro Fit K75400US:

Best Wired Keyboards
Kensington Pro Fit K75400US

The Kensington Pro Fit K75400US keyboard has a split and sloped design for enhanced ergonomics and an adjustable reverse tilt stand, and a wrist rest for extra comfort. The keyboard also has a spill-resistant design for easy cleaning, and it provides good value for money overall.

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Having read through this list of the Best Wired Keyboards to Buy right now, you will agree with me that they will help you take your typing game to the next level.

If you have any personal favourites we haven’t mentioned above, kindly let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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