Technological advancements

Awesome Technological Advancements and their Impact on Humanity

How has Technological Advancements Impacted Humanity? Technology and humans are the two components which cannot be moved apart, society has a close interaction and is obviously dependent on technology. We as humans have been overly dependent on these technological advancements for our day to day life activities and hence the demands for technology keeps rising.

Our use of technology covers robotics, electronics, aviation, computing, automobile, agriculture, mining, oil and gas exploration and exploitation, military hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Space technology, financial applications and social media.

The biggest challenge that the humans will face is the type of lives they want to adjust to and then create the necessary technologies which will in turn remove the complexities in the way we do things. The emergence of various technologies have in fact created a huge impact on the lives of humans and have shaped it to quite an extent. Technology impacts humans and the environment as a whole and we can ascertain whether it’s a positive impact or a negative one by the way we use it.

Impact of Technological Advancements on Humans

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Talking about the impact, technology has upscaled various sectors in the industry. Let’s take agriculture and how technology has impacted this particular field. Technology has certainly automated agriculture, This mechanization has led to small number of people grow vast number of crops thereby saving time and getting more return on investment. This has also resulted into the growth of genetic crops which requires less number of time to grow and has fairly large amount of resistance to pests and disease.

Moving on further, if we talk about the technological advancements, let’s say mobile phones.

People using mobile phones ask for less complexity and more functionality which has pressurized mobile manufacturing companies to introduce computer-like smart phones which is quite user friendly and also comes in with a lot more functionality than the phones which we have used in the past. Advancements in technology have tremendously helped organizations and businesses save a lot of time and cost for production which has been of great advantage to these businesses which later on these advancements are managed to acquire competitive manage these advancements to gain competitive edge over others.

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These technological developments have also knocked at the doors of Communication. Communication has evolved in the recent years and we know it will go on developing in future. These developments has also simplified the education sector. It has removed complexity in the way teachers tend reach their students and it has also been of great help to the students where they can learn from anywhere. This has also led to access to all academic information to the students at any time from anywhere through gadgets like Phones and pads. They have had a tremendous impact on the Engineering sector creating more and more software engineering jobs thereby generating a gamut of job opportunities.

These technologies have changed the shape of business around the world. It increases efficiency in businesses. But on the other side it has also hindered the growth of our society. As technology grows, it reverses the attributes of each and every situation. Society has become completely dependent on technology which has in fact lowered the willingness to act according to our need. Technology is making us so 'un-human' that we can’t even find time for our closed ones. Humans do interact with them via video chat or text but they forget than personal interaction cannot be replaced by Online chatting.

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Finally, needless to say that the technological developmentis equivalent to a double edged knife where, from one side it can kill someone and the other side can lead to one’s own protection. However the decision to use it efficiently completely depends upon one’s choice. Development will continue to happen upon the next millennium but what is important that we ensure that these advancements benefits humanity as a whole.