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Amazing Features of Google Calendar for Birthday Reminders

In the modern world, where everyone is always busy, minding their own business and positively investing in themselves. But most time we forget the important aspect of life, which is surrounding yourself with loved ones be it close friends or family members and relatives. Due to this enormous effort and stress everyone is putting in, there is at least an 80% chance that you would remember the special days of your loved ones. In fact, when one is focused on achieving something for split seconds you would notice you are in a way disconnected from the world and everything going on in it. Which is why Google calendar helps fix this crisis.

We shall go through the features and also how to successfully set a reminder on google calendar.

What Is Google Calendar?

Google calendar is an application that allows users to set a reminder, which in return helps them remember the special day of their loved ones. It and also helps them to never miss this great day of wishing their best friends or families a happy birthday.


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What Are The Features Of Google Calendar?

1. It allows you to view your calendar in different formats like day, week and month.

2. It allows you to upload events from your Gmail account, this events may be restaurants reservation, hotels booking, or even gym booking.

3. It allows you to upload related events to your video conference.

4. Adding all your schedules in one place is now possible, due to the iCloud and Google Drive integration.

5.Google calendar comes with a workout Apple health feature, which enables you to keep track of your fitness goals.

Download Google Calendar from the Play Store.

How Can I Add A Birthday Reminder On Google Calendar?

Below are the steps to take when you plan on adding a birthday reminder on google calendar through your contacts:

Go to your contact app and select a contact, which you wish to add a birthday reminder.

Now tap on edit contact and select more fields which is located at the bottom.

Scroll down till you see a field spot for Birthday.

Tap the date field to select the birthday date, then hit save.

Now navigate to your Google Calendar App and open it.

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As soon as Google calendar syncs, you will find the contacts which you added to the list of birthdays you want don’t want to miss.

If the Google calendar is taking time to sync, then you can choose to do this the manual way by just tapping the three dots located at the upper right corner and then tap Refresh.

How To Set Birthday Reminder On Repeat?

A question you might want to ask is, What if my mobile device was not with me during the time the reminder alarm sounded, won’t i still miss my friend’s birthday?

The answer is NO, google Calendar allows users to set their reminder on repeat, so that if they were to miss the first reminder alarm, they will probably not miss the second or third alarm reminder.

To set your reminder on repeat, please follow the steps listed below:

Enter your Google calendar app, now look at the bottom right corner of your mobile device screen, you will see a plus icon, Tap It.

Four options will pop up, which are: Goal, Reminder, Event, and Task, now select Reminder option.

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Now in the text field, which states “Remind me to…”, and change it to your friend’s birthday, for mine I will just go for “ABC’s birthday”. Then select a date from the calendar.

In the text field that says, "Remind me to...", add a note

Now select every year.

Tap Does not repeat and choose Every year.

Finally, click the Save button, which is located at the top-right corner.

Another method you could do this is through the help of your android device Google Assistance. All you have to do is say, “Okay, Google, remind me about ABC’s birthday on [Date]”. This is similar to the previous method. So then after saying those words to the Google assistance, select Do not repeat and change to Every year.

Note: you can set it to repeat every day, week, month or year.

We hope you have successfully set up all your friends and relatives contacts in your google calendar, so ensure you never miss that special day in their life. Any problems you encounter, let us know in the comment section