Amazing Facts About The Hammerhead Shark

The world is an amazing place, but most times it could be filled with the most weird type of creatures. Today we will be talking about one of the bizarre weird looking sea creature known as the hammerhead shark. This shark is known for it’s weird head shape and eyes. We will also be looking at awesome facts about this shark.


1 ) The Great Hammerhead Shark Swims Sideways

If you have seen a shark or maybe a video of one, you would notice that a typical shark has 8 fins with the famous one being the first dorsal fin. The first dorsal fin enables the shark to swim comfortably and well balanced. The body of sharks also contain ‘pectoral fins’, which resides on both sides of their body. Now here is the difference steps in, It is very common for most sharks to have pectoral fins which are longer than their first dorsal fin, But in the case of the great hammerhead shark it’s quite the opposite.

During a study back in the year 2016, some cameras was attached to 5 different hammerhead shark, base on the result, the hammerhead sharks spent about 90% of their swimming tilted on one side which was said to around 48 to 76 degrees.


2) There Are 10 Species Of The Hammerhead Shark

The hammerhead shark is said to have a total sum of 10 species, with 9 of these species belonging to the sphyrna, and the remaining one  the ‘Eusphyra’. Though they have alot of similarities, one could easily tell the difference based on the shark’s head shape. The hammerhead sharks could also come in form of different sizes, The smaller sized hammerhead sharks are about 5 feet in height, while the bigger hammerhead shark is about 18 feet in height.


3) 3 Species Of The Hammerhead Sharks Are At The Brink Of Extinction

We have seen lot of animals, mammals, birds, e.t.c go extinct due to they being threaten by humans or climate changes. If nothing is done we might experience the extinction of 3 hammerhead species. This endangered species are commonly killed by fishermen or traps set by the fishermen.


Hammerhead shark

4) They Travel Together

Though we know that lot of sharks love their privacy, but it is rather strange why the scalloped hammerhead travel in groups, think of them traveling together as wolves hunt in pack, the scalloped hammerhead shark has few predators in the ocean, so it just doesn’t make sense to some people why it chooses to travel in the comfort of other hammerhead sharks. Many believe they travel in groups as safety precautions.

A group of hammerhead shark is known as a school or shiver or frenzy, e.t.c. Now what makes this more awkward is that the hammerhead sharks travel in groups during the day, but when it comes to night hunting, they all go their separate ways and return back together during the day.


5) They Reproduce Once A Year.

A female hammerhead shark can only give birth only once a year, and during it’s child birth, the female hammerhead shark could give birth up to 10 pups – 50 bubs. which is quite a great number of pups.


Hammerhead shark

6) They Reside in Both shallow and Deep Waters

It is stated that the hammerhead shark can reside both shallow deep waters. They also dwell in cool shallow waters, this is because when a hammerhead shark is exposed to sun, it causes it’s body to tan.

7) They Have White Belly

The hammerhead shark’s white belly serves as an advantage to this predator, as it could easily blend into the ocean and attack it’s prey, when they least expect it.

8) They Are Good At Hunting

Just like every other shark, the hammerhead shark share the same electroreceptory sensory pores with other sharks, which enables them sense prey which are far away. This electroreceptory sensory pores is known as the ampullae of  lorenzini. It’s weird looking head also helps it to fish out preys which lays on the ocean floor.

This are our top 8 facts on the hammerhead shark, do ensure you drop a comment in the comment area, and share other amazing facts about this sea creature.