Agent Android App makes your Smartphone Faster

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There are lots of very phony things our Smartphone do that sometimes puzzle us or better still amaze us. These things range from the way our phones beep when they become low in battery power, they way they vibrate or even the signals they emit while you are driving. Smartphone makers and designers at Egomotion have successfully designed an Android application which they called ‘Agent’.

The ‘Agent’ app has 5 main advantages. Firstly, when this application notices that the battery life of your Smartphone is going down, it would automatically disable some features such as Bluetooth, screen brightness or ringing volume. However, all previous settings would return to normal once the phone is plugged to a power source. 

Secondly, the sleep mode: The sleep mode allows your phone to only ring during emergencies which ultimately conserves the battery life of the phone.

Thirdly, the meetings mode enables your phone to be connected to your Google calendar and all scheduled meetings are synchronized such that when you are on a meeting engagement, the phone is automatically silenced throughout the day until you reset it. 


Fourthly, drivers can now worry less when they are on the road as ‘Agent’ uses Bluetooth to determine when you are driving. As you drive along on the road this application automatically turns on the drive mode of your phone and tells every caller that you are ‘on the wheels at the moment’ and that they can call back later. It also reads all your messages a load saving you the inconvenience of fiddling with your phone while driving. 

Lastly, when you park your car, ‘Agent’ remembers the position it is parked via a GPS platform that helps you locate your car where it is parked.

‘Agent’ at the moment is only available to android phone users and users of other android enabled devices. It can be purchased HERE  for a price of $1.99.

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