7 Jobs that May Become Extinct Due to New Technologies

Technology has indeed transformed our world and this is clearly evident in the way we lead our lives, carryout our businesses and use tech devices to solve problems or entertain ourselves. However, with all the improvements in technology comes its downside especially in developing societies where the job workforce is still largely dependent on old forms of technology applications and traditional methodologies. Unless employees update their skills or improve on their adoption of technology in their workplaces, it is most likely that their jobs may be at risk of extinction due to the avalanche of evolving technologies that tends to automate processes.

Here are 5 jobs that may become extinct in the near future due to new technologies.

  1. Office Clerk and Messengers: Clerks and messengers in offices may soon discover that their services may not be required anymore due to the evolution of smart computers and applications that perform multiple tasks more efficiently. Clerks and office messengers need not carry files or deliver messages from one office location or desks to the other. All that can be done by computer devices that are connected to the internet and fitted with applications to process documents, file them and store these documents in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time when needed. These processed documents can also be transmitted via email messages or fax services in a fast and efficient manner.
  2. Factory Assembly Assistants: Robots and robotic technologies are increasingly been used in car assembly plants, aviation industries and electronics device production factories. Robots are more efficient in performing tasks and their precision and accuracy especially in the production of control panels of electronic devices means that less human hands would be needed. This means that employers of labor may need less human workforce and opt for robots and programmers to run their factories. By implication, employers would pay less for labor and spend less on the training of staff. All these are the alluring benefits improved technologies for a factory owner.
  3. Truck Loader Job: Cranes and lifts have become very common in most modern factories and these equipments have made transportation or movement of large goods or machinery within the factory quite easy. Some of these cranes and lifts can be remotely controlled even from a distance. Therefore, there would gradually be no need for human labor to carry or transport these large and heavy equipments within the factory premises.
  4. Language Translator Job: There are several language translation software available on the internet that can be used in learning and translating a language. This means that you can translate a language in an automated form using a software program on a computer. The implication of this on language translators is that their services may soon not be needed even in diplomatic circles due to the myriads of translation software available.
  5. Accountants: Several tools can now compute financial transactions, prepare invoices and books of accounts for individuals and businesses. Accountants and their services may not be needed in the long run if these tools and software are improved or upgraded. Godaddy offers an accounting service for webmasters using a software tool. There are several other online tools that can help you compute an account or prepare a balance sheet. All you need do is input your data and the software computes it in an automated manner.
  6. Recharge Card Voucher Re-sellers Job: Telecommunication companies with their large subscriber base are making lots of money especially in developing countries such as Nigeria, India and South Africa. These companies are able to reach millions of people through the thousands of recharge card vendors that help in providing these telecommunication services to citizens across various cities, town as villages in these countries. However, as technology improves and as banking services become readily available and convenient for more people, there may come a time when recharge card vendors may be thrown out of business and jobs due to the fact that telecommunication subscribers can now pay for their airtime and internet data via the ATM or through their mobile phones via VTU(virtual terminal network) so long as they have a bank account that has been funded. This means that people would have less need to go looking for recharge card vendors each time they need to buy airtime. All that is needed is to use a mobile device to dial some simple codes and their phones, tablets or computers are recharged with the amount they specify!…..This really makes life much easier.
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  1. Traffic Marshals: A Road traffic marshal job may soon bid goodbye to their jobs if traffic lights become more common and electricity more efficient across towns, villages and communities especially in developing countries. Most developed countries with developed road infrastructure do not have any need for road traffic marshals or traffic wardens to direct traffic. Traffic lights have been developed that work with artificial intelligence and there are electronic gadgets that detect over-speeding or dangerous driving on roads and highways.
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These 7 jobs are more likely to become extinct in the nearest future in developed countries than in developing or under-developed countries. However, the bottom line here is that these jobs would eventually fizzle away as more people become literate, as more people become banked and as telecommunication technology and inventions become available to large populations of people.

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