5 Trends Defining the Construction Industry

The major developments in technology have hit numerous industries, among which is the construction industry. Many innovations, gadgets and apps have made the construction easier and safer, and all the construction companies can rely on those innovations. However, among all of those developments, these five certainly stand out.

Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is still a work in progress, but once it hits the market, a lot of construction issues will be fixed. Cement is definitely the most widely used materials in this industry, but its cracking and emission of harmful carbon are major concerns. To fix the cracking problems, due to the exposure to water or chemicals, and reduce the carbon emission, researchers are working hard on developing this self-healing material. They are using a mix that contain bacteria inside microcapsules, which will grow as soon as the water enters the cracks in the concrete, thus producing limestone, plugging the crack right before water and oxygen get the chance to corrode the steal inside the wall.

Safety with Smart Sensors

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Job safety has always been the biggest concern ever since the construction industry was born. Thanks to today’s technology, this major issue can be controlled and the safety on the job can be more stable. The wearable technology, which includes the smart sensors, certainly has a positive effect on this world. Many of the construction industries have started to put these smart sensors in the boots, wristwatches, hard hats and other gear in order to track the safety of their workers. The sensors track the conditions of the gear, for example a hard hat sensor can alert the foreman if there has been an impact, and the sensors in the wristwatch monitor the body temperature and makes sure that the worker is not suffering from heat exhaustion.

Laser Scanning Technology

Even though this innovation still has not become widely used, it sure has a significant impact on the whole industry. The 3-D laser scanners can digitally reproduce the dimensions and positions of the objects in certain spaces and then transform that information into the data on cloud image. This technology offers all the construction companies and experienced extension architects more precise measuring and gathering of millions of data and putting them into a building information model. Additionally, it allows easier identifying of the issues on certain floors or rooms of the building, thus providing the clients with better explanations. Also, it allows easier adjustments and necessary changes.

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Photovoltaic Glazing

The latest technology also allows buildings to generate their own electricity. To turn the entire building into one huge solar panel, all you need is building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) glazing. Many companies have started using photovoltaic glass as the building material, and they are forming windows, roofs and facades with it. This convenient material allows buildings to harvest solar power and turn it into electricity, which greatly saves money and energy.

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Tool Tracking

Misplacing tools and equipment is not only inconvenient, but it could be quite dangerous, too. Heavy machinery and power tools could be dangerous if put in the wrong place, and construction companies should not risk the safety of their workers or other people passing by. Additionally, lost tools can cost companies millions. To put an end to such hazards and expenses, companies have started outfitting their tools and equipment with barcodes. These barcodes can be ready with digital barcode readers at the beginning and end of each day, which allows the construction companies to better and easier track all of their equipment.

Technology seems to be bringing only the best out of the construction industry. So, do not fight it and embrace the benefits and cut costs by updating your company and join the new era of better homes.

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