5 Dumb Phone Accessories That Serve A Purpose In 2022

The fact is that not every phone accessory you see out there should have been made. Shockingly, we have a lot of them in circulation and that trend will not end anytime soon. For some you might not know about, see our list of 5 Dumb Phone Accessories that serve a purpose:

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1. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone:

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

This is the perfect phone for a three to five-year-old, but even kids in that age bracket want something better nowadays. It comes with a three-inch cord and with eye movements, the phone makes interesting sounds and bells. It can even be connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and making calls is possible.

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2. Banana Phone:

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The banana device is simply a Bluetooth-connected banana that can be connected to your mobile phone and used for making and receiving calls. Humans could easily walk around a public area holding an actual banana to their ear, pretend to be talking on the phone, and receive the same reaction from bystanders. However, why do that when you can have an actual Bluetooth banana?

3. Star Trek Bluetooth Com Badge:

5 Dumb Phone Accessories
Star Trek Bluetooth Com Badge

This one works like a Star Trek communicator. The fact is that it’ll help you get a date for Saturday night, depending on where you’re staying, because this communicator easily gets attached to your clothing with a magnetic plate you wear under your shirt. However, why would you want to use a handheld object in the place of another handheld object to make a call?

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4. Z Flip Pocket Denim:

Z Flip Pocket Denim
Z Flip Pocket Denim

Samsung actually collaborated with Dr. Denim to develop a pair of pants with pockets built specifically for the Galaxy Z Flip3. Not just that, Samsung issued a 2-page press release to launch them. Sadly though, this product is so expensive that it had to be under our dumb phone accessories category. Even if it is great to see Samsung supporting its foldable ecosystem in the fashion industry, it should be more affordable.

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5. Phone Umbrella Suction Cup Stand:

5 Dumb Phone Accessories
Phone Umbrella Suction Cup Stand

This is a glass-backed phone that will be amazing for holding that suction cup, giving you more grip on the phone. It is even removable, therefore you’ll not need to have it on a spot at all times. However, its price is also too ridiculous for potential users. It definitely serves a purpose but it is never the best way to spend twenty dollars.

Thank you for reading through our list of the 5 dumb phone accessories that serve a purpose this year. Did we leave out anyone? Let us know in the comment section.

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