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3 Natural Supplements for Women’s Health

Our physical and mental health are two of the most important things to maintain and respect. It can be hard to find the time to get to the gym, eat well, take personal time, as well as get enough sleep and sustain success at your job. Generally one or more of these things tend to fall through the cracks and get neglected. Natural supplements readily tends to fill in the gap when it comes to health related issues.

Women’s health is a whole different challenge that can require more attention than the time we allow ourselves. That is why it is important to take the proper measures to ensure our bodies and minds are getting the proper nourishment and preventative care they need to thrive and be happy. We should all be living our best lives and here are three supplements that will help us do just that.

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Ashwagandha is an herb that has been usedas natural supplements and in medicinal and Ayurvedic practices for thousands of years. It has several potentially beneficial properties that may support a healthy mood and behavior, immune function, thyroid health, hormone production, may provide temporary relief from occasional joint pain and mobility, and ease feelings of anxiety.

There are several founded studies showing the positive effects of ashwagandha on stress, anxiety, and mood equilibrium. Ashwagandha is a great supplement to add to your daily regime to help you process and overcome stress triggers in a healthy and more balanced way as well as boost your mood and capabilities to handle stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root may provide numerous potential health benefits for the mind and body. The main compound found in turmeric is curcumin. Not only is curcumin an antioxidant, but it is also a polyphenol, which is a micronutrient that plays a role in the prevention of certain diseases associated with oxidative stress by supporting enzymes as well as cell receptors.

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It may also support stress receptors in the brain that help the body to handle stress in a healthy way. It also promotes balance, enabling you to approach the stress trigger with less frustration and more calmness. Saving that energy that you would have depleted with stress for more useful and productive activities. Less stress also promotes a more restful slumber, leaving you refreshed and with more energy each day. In addition to its mental health benefits, turmeric also promotes heart health, joint health, digestive health, respiratory health, blood circulation, cellular, skin, tissue, and immune health.

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Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree is another great herb that is specifically for women to help with a number of ailments. Chaste tree can aid with PMS relief, hormone balance, a healthy cycle, and antioxidant support. It was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to support a healthy internal response and spleen health. It has been used in Ayurvedic and homeopathic practices and Chinese Medicine.

While natural supplements cannot necessarily cure any medical ailments you may have, adding these three supplements to your daily regimen may help with everyday stressors, pains, and other ailments that affect your body. Taking supplements consistently may help to balance your mood, aiding in healthier sleep cycles, reducing stress, anxiety, and frustration, as well as producing more energy to tackle each day.