14 Ways to Monetize Your Electronic Gadgets

An electronic device such as a cell phone, a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet can be used to access opportunities over the internet that can generate a stream of income to the user if he devotes a couple of hours to it on a daily basis. In other words, you can monetize your electronic gadgets by taking advantage of emerging online business opportunities. Interestingly, these electronic gadgets are designed with novel software features such as large memory storage capacity; Web applications, instant messaging, automated email forwarding and fast signal reception which are very useful in any online transaction and are embedded with specific software features for performing smart functions such as real-time Forex or stock trading.  

There are several income generating opportunities that internet users can avail themselves of. They include:

  1. Internet Survey  
  2. Getting Paid to Complete Offers  
  3. Forex Trading  
  4. Freelance Jobs  
  5. Stock and Options Trading  
  6.  Blogging  
  7. Web Publishing  
  8. Selling Ad Space  
  9. Sports Betting  
  10. Affiliate Referrals  
  11. Online Marketing of Digital Products 
  12. Paid To Write  
  13. Paid Question And Answer Forum 
  14. Web Coupon Code Submissions

We shall now review these income opportunities one after the other and explain how internet users can leverage on them for an extra ‘bucks’ to offset those pressing bills. These are vivid expressions of how you can monetize your electronic gadgets

Much of the internet income opportunities have continued to flow in from internet survey sites. Survey sites are platforms where consumers or certain product or service users can give their opinions on a particular product or service and are rewarded for their opinion by cash, check, gift cards or     sweepstakes. These survey sites have specific rules for joining them as some of them are country or gender specific. However, most of them allow a worldwide audience and they usually have a screener to ascertain if a survey taker is qualified for a particular survey or not.  There are over 200 active survey panel websites on the internet and I would list some of the very popular ones below.

Mindfieldonline   Myview    Mysurvey

Panel place     Opinion bar    — American consumer opinion

Hiving panel   JD Powerpanel    Yoursaypays    Yougov

Viewsbank    Brandinstitute     Rewardedopinion 

Paid to Complete Offers: These are programs where visitors to such sites are required to sign up to a website, fill a form, subscribe to a service or purchase a product. The payments are in small cents or a few dollars. They are usually known as ‘Get Paid To offers’ and have continued to be very useful sources of online income.

Forex Trading: Forex trading is a complex and technical program where adequate knowledge is required on the part of the trader for him or her to succeed. There are several forex trading platforms hosted by various forex brokers. Some of these forex sites include Instaforex, etoro, liteforex, etc. A trader can also copy a fellow trader if he or she is less proficient. Several deposit and withdrawal method are available ranging from credit card, PayPal, perfect money, Cash U and several other online payment platform which makes room for flexibility. The very interesting aspect of forex trading is that a trader can perform a trade right from the comfort of his home with a smart cell phone, a tablet or a computer. Forex trading can serve as a veritable source of alternative income for citizens of countries such as Nigeria with a very huge population of over 170million and an active internet and mobile phone users of over 105million….[Learn More]

Freelance Jobs: Individuals can perform several jobs online via their mobile phones or computers. These jobs range from article editing, software development, form filling jobs, virtual assistance, translation, transcription, web design and several other work at home projects. Freelancer and Elance are very popular sites where jobs could be posted and job seekers hired for a fee that is negotiable.

Options and Stock Trading: This is similar to forex trading. Here the trader can choose from a variety of stock in the market from various companies such as Amazon Google, Facebook, ebay and several other blue chip companies depending on the type of stock listed on a particular broker’s platform. Stocks can be traded on etoro.

Blogging: Blogging has been a very lucrative venture online as it is no longer used only as a platform to advance an idea but also as a medium to earn substantially. There are professional bloggers who have continued to us their mobile phones to blog and are known as mobile bloggers. They usually monetize their blogs by selling ad spaces or signing up for Google adsense or any other publisher network. Blogs can be created using free service offered by blogger (owned by Google), wordpress or some other free web creation service especially if the blogger decides not to purchase a custom domain.

Web Publishing: There are so many web publishing and advertizing site where you can monetize your electronic gadgets via the content of their website. The most popular of then all is Google adsense which is an industry leader. Some of these sites are either cpa, cpc or cmp based. However, for a website or blog owner to effectively make money from web publishing he must have very good web content and be able to drive a substantial amount of visitors to his website. Some other web publishing sites that accept publishers include:

Infinity ads   Poponclick   Cpx24.com   Adversal

Advantageglobalmarketing   Popcash   Edomz

Blogads  Advertising.com   Adstream  Rivitmedia

Adwooz  Empireppc  Eclickz   yllixmedia   magenet


Text-link-ads    Cppalead  Adinch  Casalemedia

Addynamix    Addynamo  Valueclick

Technoratimedia  Bannerconnect

Cpxinteractive   Mediacpm  Freedirectmedia  Linkshare    Admob    


Selling Ad Space: You can also monetize your website or blog by selling ad spaces. Remember, your blog or site must be attractive enough with a substantial number of daily visitors in order to attract advertisers. Your cell phone can equally help you in your SEO efforts when you use them to post site updates on social media networks or guest blog on similar sites for backlinks. Some of the sites where you can either sell or buy ad spaces include





Sports Betting: Monetize your electronic gadgets by engaging in sports betting and sports arbitrage. Smartphone and computer users can make an extra income just by predicting the outcome of the match of their favorite spots teams or sports personality just with the click of a button. This has proven to be a very useful avenue as the chances of positive returns are very high especially if the individual has a informed knowledge of the team he or she is placing a bet on. You can place bets on some of these proven sports betting sites.

William hill

Planet ofbets




Please be aware that there are some restrictions to betting in certain countries. So do check your countries laws regarding sports betting or gambling related activities.

Affiliate Referrals: You can check out on all available affiliate programs, register and get an affiliate link where you can earn from any sale made by the company through your link. Amazon, ebay partnership, Avon, and Linkshare are some of the popular affiliate partnerships.

Marketing Digital Products: You can market any product online either through Amazon, ebay or fiverr. These platforms can considerably increase your income since these sites have very large number of visitors in a day.

Paid to Write Jobs: Getting paid to write is becoming very popular among internet users and has become a great way for you to monetize your electronic gadgets. This is particularly obvious because an internet user can write on any topic he wishes so long as he or she complies with the guidelines of the recipient of the written article. Sites that offer paid to write jobs include:








One spoon-at-a-time.com




Paid Question and Answer Forum: with your phone or tablet, you can answer questions posed by other members of the forum and you would be paid for it! This can be described as giving out your knowledge for pay. You can use Weegy.com

Coupon Code Sharing: when you share your coupon codes and other people use it and get a savings or discount from those codes, you earn a commission right away. Knoji and Couponchief have proven to be very reliable in accepting coupon codes from members.

 These various ways listed here are some of the opportunities open to internet users where they can put their phones, laptop or desk top computers or tablets to use and earn a substantial amount of money to supplement their income. Interestingly, these platforms are open to everyone from every country and there are no tax obligations which further enhance the beauty of these programs for nay one who may want to monetize his or her electronic device.