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11 Important Equipment and Machinery Used in Soymilk Production

Soymilk Production is highly scientific and technical procedure that involves detailed biochemical and microbial procedure and quality control checkpoints that require some very sophisticated machinery and equipment. There are several machines and equipment used in industrial soymilk production and we shall examine 11 of the most important machines used in a soymilk production factory.

Here is a list of 11 of the most important machines and equipment used in industrial soymilk production and processing.

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1. Automated Soymilk Production Line: The automated soymilk production line is designed wash the packing bottles or cans, fill in the product, cap the bottles or cans and then transfer the capped bottles into another section in the production process via conveyor belts. There are several types of automated production lines which depends largely on the capacity of products to be handled at a particular time. This machine is quite expensive and requires a considerable level of expertise to run and maintain.

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automated soymilk production line




2. Centrifuge: A centrifuge is a machine that swirls at great speed to separate the molecules of a liquid into layers based on the molecular weight and sizes of the components that make up the liquid. A centrifuge used in soymilk production is essential for accurate gravity determination, mixing and curd separation.

Soymilk centrifuge2soymilk centrifuge1




3. Homogenizer: A homogenizer is a machine that mixes up all the ingredients and additives in liquid. For soymilk, a homogenizer is necessary to ensure that fat globules are broken down to form a uniform emulsion and maintain the required gravity, taste and viscosity of the milk.

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soymilk homogenizer   soymilk homogenizer2




4. Ozone generator

5. UV light

6. Bulk wrapper

7. Shrink tunnel

8. Reverse Osmosis Machine

9. Soymilk storage tanks

10. Pasteurizer

11. Pet Blowing machines