10 Nutritional Benefits Of Unripe Plantains

Plantains are part of the banana family, but they differ greatly from Cavendish bananas. Cavendish bananas are also known as dessert bananas because of their sweet taste. Plantains unlike bananas are starchier, less sweet and are usually cooked before serving.

Plantains which are sometimes called green bananas, but they will turn yellow and then dark if allowed to ripen. Plantains are grown in places like South and Central America, Africa, and Asia, where they are important food sources.

Nutritional Value of Unripe Plantains

CaloriesThe calories contained in plantain is 372.
Total FatTotal fat contained is 0.4g.
CholesterolPlantain has zero cholesterol.
SodiumThe sodium content in plantain is 4.8mg.
PotassiumPlantain contains 1144mg of potassium.
Total CarbohydratesPlantain has a carbohydrate content of 99.36g.
Dietary FiberThe dietary fiber of plantain is 5.28g.
ProteinThe protein content in plaintain is 3.65g.
Vitamin A2,181 IU
Vitamin B-6:0.5 mg
Vitamin C39 mg
CalciumThe calcium content present in plantain is 7.2 mg
IronPlaintain contains 0.67 mg of iron.

Benefits of Consuming Unripe Plantains

Plantains are loaded with lots of benefits that are very important to our bodies. Some of these benefits include; weightloss, prevention of ulcer, treatment of anaemia and improving the intestine walls.

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  • Unripe Plantains are Excellent Diabetic Foods.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your body can’t take up sugar (glucose) into its cells to use as fuel. Unripe plantain is a diabetes-friendly food because it contains very low amount of sugar and the fiber in plantains could help your blood sugar levels stay steady longer.

  • Unripe Plantains Help in Building the Bones.

Unripe plantains are very rich in calcium, which helps in the facilitation and the building of stronger bones and teeth.

  • Consuming Unripe Plantain Enhances the Kidneys Functions.

A study carried out on unripe plaintain and ginger shows that unripe plantain alone is more effective in the management of renal dysfunction compared with its combination with ginger. Another study carried out by a Nigerian Nutrionist, Hajiya Jummai Abdul, shows that eating unripe plantain could help with bladder and kidney disorders.

  • Unripe Plantains Aids Weightloss.

Plantains in general (ripe and unripe) are rich in a unique type of fiber that helps you feel fuller longer. This can help you control your weight if you’re overweight or obese and plan on loosing weight.

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  • Consuming Unripe Plantains Helps in Boosting Sexual Performance.

Studies conducted in the past have shown that the nutrients contained in plantains can help improve sexual performance through an increased libido (sex urge). Plantains are said to contain potassium that helps in restoring the sexual organ. It has also been proven over the years to induce, sustain and maintain erection in men.

  • Unripe Plantains Helps in the Prevention of Ulcer.

Ulcers are wounds that can occur in many places, including in the stomach. These stomach wounds are called stomach or peptic ulcers. Many studies carried out have shown that unripe plantain has phytochemical properties like leucocyanidin that helps in the prevention of stomach ulcers or discomfort.

It is said to provide an antacid-like effect on those suffering from stomach ulcers and discomforts thus reducing pain and preventing additional damage.

  • Unripe Plantains Helps in the Treatment of Anaemia.

Unripe plantain contains mineral iron and vitamin B6 which plays major roles in the adequate production of red blood cells in the human body and as well prevent anaemia and neuritis which manifest when they are deficient in the body.

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  • Unripe Plantain is Considered an Antioxidant-Rich Food.

Plantains contain a good amount of vitamin C which is daily recommended. This vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which helps in boosting the immune system of the body. As an antioxidant, plantains may protect your body against free radical damage that’s associated with aging, heart disease, and even some types of cancer that attacks the body.

  • Unripe Plantains Maintains Blood Pressure Control.

Plaintain contains potassium and the high amount of potassium found in plantains is essential for maintaining the cell and body fluids that control your heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Unripe Plantains Improve the Intestinal/Digestive Health.

There are two very important factors that make plantains good for digestive health. The first factor is that the resistant starch in plantains act as a prebiotic, promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and the second factor is that plantains have a fair amount of fiber, which improves bowel function.