10 Best Ways to Fix Opera VPN Not Working on Android

Opera has come a long way from its Symbian days. It now supports Android and comes with advanced features like free VPN known as the opera VPN. The problem is that Opera’s VPN is not working for some users on their Android phones. By the time you finish reading this guide, the issue should be resolved.

A VPN is a much-needed feature, especially in today’s world, where everyone is busy mining and selling data for pennies. Often without your permission. But that doesn’t mean you can use just any VPN. We will explore this bit in more detail later in the guide. Let’s begin:


1. How to Set It Up: The VPN feature is off by default in Opera mobile app. Not everyone needs or uses it, and certainly not all the time. Make sure that the VPN is set up correctly in Opera app for Android. It shouldn’t take more than a minute.

2. Disable Data Savings Mode: Opera mobile app comes with a lot of useful features, and one of them is data saving mode. As the name suggests, it will reduce data consumption, especially when you are using carrier data. The trouble is that Opera VPN will stop working on your Android phone when Data savings is toggled on. Tap on the Opera icon and select Settings. Toggle it off and make sure VPN is enabled here.

3. Reset and Retry: Do you know how your ISP support staff always begins with the reset and reboot solution? That’s because it works. It might work here too. Open the Opera app and disable the VPN feature in the settings. Wait a few seconds and then toggle it back on. Check if VPN by Opera is working on Android or not.

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4. Private Tabs Only: There is a feature in Opera, enabled by default, which enables VPN to work on private tabs only and not otherwise. Are you trying to use a VPN in a normal tab?Tap on the tabs icon at the bottom and select the Private tab. Create a new tab if you haven’t already, and you should see VPN options and settings.

Make sure VPN is enabled here and open Settings. Opera disallows screenshots in private tabs, so here are the captured photos. Toggle the Use VPN for private tabs only button here to enable it everywhere. You can also choose to enable or disable VPN when using Google search. That will impact your search results, and they won’t be personalized anymore.

5. Update App: All settings are how they should be. In that case, if it is a known bug, Opera developer team may have released an update. Open Play Store and update the Opera app for Android to the latest version.On the contrary, a recent update might have broken the VPN feature. In that case, you need to roll back to a previous version. You can download previous versions of any app on APKMirror and sideload it. Always read comments before updating important apps.

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6. Conflicting Apps: Are you using a dedicated VPN app simultaneously? Turn that off to see if that helps in solving Opera VPN not working on your Android phone issue. Some adblockers like DNS66 and Blokada work by creating a local VPN. Disable them and check again. Finally, turn off your antivirus and any other security apps you may have installed. If any of this resolves the issue, you need to whitelist Opera app inside that app or disable the app altogether when using a VPN in Opera.

7. Change Location: Opera browser comes with three different virtual locations. Changing the location might help as there may be a downtime or some other error in the server location that you are using. Go back to the VPN settings like you did previously and tap on Virtual location. Try each location until VPN in the Opera browser is working again.

8. Clear App Cache and Cookies: Open Settings and under Apps, search for and open Opera app. Tap on Clear data at the bottom of the screen and select Clear cache and then Manage space. You can erase all the data there.

9. Blame It on ISP: VPN services by browsers like Opera are frowned upon by governments of some countries. You may be living in one such country. Call your ISP and check whether they know something. You may also search social media sites like Twitter and local or app Facebook pages as other users could have reported similar instances.

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10. Dedicated VPN Apps: We don’t recommend free VPN services like the one offered by Opera at GT. When there is no product to be sold, generally, you are the product. Free VPN service providers are known to collect user data. We recommend you to look into paid VPNs like CyberGhost or ExpressVPN or one offered by popular password manager Dashlane. Note that popular VPNs have been hacked before, but they are far better than free alternatives like Opera. I would also urge you to look into the TOR browser. You Get What You Pay For. It’s true, and you know it.

Opera’s free VPN service works, and while it is good for casual stuff, you don’t want to use it when your data, privacy, and security are on the line. That’s when you should consider using a dedicated VPN. For everything else, it is good enough, and one of the above solutions should have resolved the issue on your Android.


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